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The Eighth Annual Edition of Remarque Now Available

by Roberto Santiago & Alberto Fernandez | Sunday, Jul 19, 2020
Remarque Magazine

The eighth annual edition of Remarque, the visual journal that showcases the juried creative work of FAU students, is in production with print copies awaiting readers when the campuses reopen.

The issue, known as “The Covid issue,” was put together "over video chats and shared drives by a group of exhausted but dedicated students who were determined to make it happen,” wrote Remarque president Dickson Luna who was part of this 10-person staff, in his “President’s Note” introduction. The journal is juried and produced by the Remarque Broward-based student club which is open to students from all majors who have an interest in creative visual work or learning about magazine production. 

This year’s edition features 129 juried works featuring graphic design, photography, architecture and film, video and multimedia. Acclaimed graphic designer Aaron Draplin, of the Portland, Oregon-based Draplin Design Company, known for designing the Star Ribbon U.S. postal stamp and the Field Notes brand, serves as the guest juror. Draplin visited the Davie campus earlier this year to lecture before the pandemic closed the campuses.

“This issue shows how creatives can thrive despite obstacles and still achieve something great,” wrote Luna.

Professor Stephanie Cunningham, a professor of graphic design who serves as Remarque’s faculty advisor, was impressed with the students' determination to produce the issue even after we could no longer meet in-person, "we were all roughed up after the spring semester but the students regrouped to work after the semester's end when they could have relaxed and taken a breather."

The digital version of Remarque can be viewed via this link: https://issuu.com/designcunning/docs/remarque2020_issuu