FAU Broward Campuses - Student Spotlight

Noelis Sanchez

Sunday, Nov 22, 2020
College of Business student Ricardo Williams

Finance | Class of 2022

Noelis Sanchez is a College of Business student majoring in finance who expects to graduate in May 2022. She transferred to FAU Davie this semester but due to the coronavirus pandemic has yet to take a class on campus. "I am loving it here so far and cannot wait to go to the campus and participate in person," said Sanchez, whose most memorable experience for now was how quickly and smoothly her transfer from Miami Dade College took place. "All the FAU staff were ready to help with any questions I had," she said.

Sanchez, a Miami resident, enjoys the analytics and research that her major demands. In her personal life, she loves nature, gardens, outdoor sports, and sees herself eventually opening her own plant nursery business — but only after spending a few years working as a financial or credit analyst.

In addition to her studies, she also works full time at an Allstate agency which gives her the opportunity to experience and provide different financial services. "I work and go to school full time, but when I have free time I like to expand my horizons, go camping, skydiving, rock climbing."