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Joubin Jebelli

Sunday, Aug 01, 2021
Joubin Jebelli

Biology/Neuroscience & Behavior | Class of 2021

Joubin Jebelli will be graduating in August with a B.S. in Biology and a B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavior from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. He has been accepted into the Masters in Biomedical Science at FAU and will begin his advanced studies in the Fall. His plan is to become a surgical oncologist and earn a Ph.D in pharmacology/medicinal chemistry.

"I currently work in Dr. Lyndon West’s research lab where I isolate novel natural products and also synthesize analogues of these natural products," Jebelli said. "I also work in Dr. Kwasi (James) Kumi-Diaka and Dr. James X. Hartmann's research lab where he screens and tests compounds on various cancer cell lines, with the hopes of discovering alternative therapeutics in cancer."

Jebelli earned his EKG and CNA certificates as well as his licensure as a medical assistant. He currently works as a medical assistant at a clinic in Boca. He also works as a medical scribe in the Emergency Room and for a surgical oncologist at the University of Miami.

At FAU, Jebelli serves as the vice-president for the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) and the president and founder for Medical Missions Abroad (MMA). MMA is a club predicated on allowing pre-medical/pre-dental students to travel abroad and participate in medical/dental service trips. "So far, we have travelled to Honduras, Nicaragua, Poland, Ghana, Thailand, and Puerto Rico. We plan to travel to Hungary, Tanzania, and Indonesia next year," Jebelli said.

Jebelli said that he chose FAU to complete his undergraduate studies because of FAU’s excellent academics and campus life. "I also selected FAU for undergrad because of location as well as the phenomenal research that takes place at FAU," he said. Jebelli who was born in Miami, raised in Fort Lauderdale now makes his home in Plantation.

In addition, Jebelli said he chose FAU for his graduate studies so that he could continue his research in Dr. Kumi-Diaka, Dr. Hartmann, and West's research lab. "I also selected FAU for my graduate studies so that I could continue working for the chemistry department and teach undergraduate courses," Jebelli said.

Jebelli said his most memorable experience at FAU was having the opportunity to lead a student-led medical mission trip to Accra, Ghana in summer 2018. "During this time, I travelled with 127 like-minded pre-health students to Ghana to provide medical relief to underprivileged and underserved communities," he said.

Jebelli also makes time to volunteer with various agencies in the community including: Boca Helping Hands, Habitat for Humanity, and the American Caregiving Youth Association.

During his limited free time, Jebelli loves to play, as well as watch, football and basketball. He also plans to explore acting.