FAU Broward Campuses - Student Spotlight

Joesha Edmorin

Thursday, Apr 01, 2021
Joesha Edmorin

Political Science | Class of 2021

Joesha Edmorin will be graduating this May as a political science major, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, with a minor in Sociology. She currently serves as an Operations Manager in the FAU Davie Student Union; as a Senator for Student Government representing the Broward campuses; as President of the Broward Caribbean Student Association and as an Intern for Broward Campus Life and Student Government. "A planner or calendar is the key to success for every college student," said Edmorin. "Knowing how to organize my days has helped me balance everything. Knowing how to set my priorities and the importance of my duties is another trick to balance my active student life."

As an Operations Manager for the FAU Davie Student Union, Edmorin guides students to all the resources offered on campus. "I get to create and manage events so students can stay connected," she said.

As a Senator for Student Government, representing Broward Campuses, Edmorin has the opportunity to be a voice for her peers. "I get to listen to the needs of the students and write bills to provide them with resources. Creating a better, safer environment is my goal as a senator. I dedicate each day to make sure that the students have access to all the necessities, and they can call the campus home."

As an intern for Broward Campus Life and Student Government, Edmorin collaborates with other members of the student government team to create change. "I write and vote on bills so resources can be allocated to the campus and the students. I also help with the events so that students can have a great time despite the academic stress."

Edmorin, who was born and raised in Haiti, and currently lives in Miami, said her years at the Davie campus have been wonderful. "This campus has brought me so many joyful memories. My favorite experience is being the president of the Caribbean Student Association, learning and enjoying other Caribbean cultures has been nothing but great. I have learned so many new words from other languages, tasted new dishes, and learned new traditions and dance moves."

Edmorin said she has always wanted to be a voice for others and create change, which is why she chose Political Science as her major. "My career goal is to be an immigration lawyer so I could help other immigrants like myself have opportunities in this country."