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Duy Le

Friday, Jul 01, 2022
Duy Le

Architecture | Class of 2023

Duy Le was born in Vietnam and moved to Florida in 2004 when he was nine years old. Now at FAU, Le is majoring in architecture and is expecting to graduate in 2023. Le’s love of math, art, and geography also helped him choose to minor in Geographic Information System.

Ever since he was young, Le has loved to be artistic and creative. "Growing up, I loved to draw, doodling in class or wherever there are pens and papers available," Le said. Even though art was his passion as a child, a video game changed his interest in what he wanted to be. "I started to get interested in architecture from playing a computer video game called The Sims," Le said. "The game allows your creativity to be explored in what you build."

A bachelor’s degree isn’t Le’s final stop in his journey to his goal. "Once I graduate in Spring 2023, I hope to challenge myself with a master degree in architecture."

Le currently works as a receptionist at a Venetian Nail Salon. In his free time he loves to hang out with friends, play video games, try new foods, solve difficult jigsaw puzzles, and go rollerblading, a hobby he picked up during the pandemic.