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Carianne Hill

Wednesday, Sep 01, 2021
Carianne Hill

Nursing | Class of 2022

Army veteran Carianne Hill, who works as a health administrator in the nursing department at the West Palm Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center, is earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing’s Second Degree, Part-time BSN Track for Working Professionals. A student at FAU since 2016, she also received her Executive Masters degree in Health Administration and her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the College of Business. "I knew that in order to make a difference, I needed the clinical side as well as my administration side. I want to help give back to the veterans everything they deserve and more," Hill said.

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, raised in Boston, and currently living in West Palm Beach, Hill became interested in health care as a Sergeant First Class in the Army, assisting medics in Afghanistan during her final deployment. She served in the Army for 15 years. "It feels like home here at the West Palm Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center," said Hill, who added that her Nurse Manager and Chief of Clinical Operations inspired her to become a nurse. "There are so many things veterans are not aware of, like the type of help and benefits that are out there for them."

Hill credits her military experience when it comes to accountability, diversity, loyalty to my superiors, dependability and hard work and determination. "That’s what it takes to be noticed and stand out amongst your peers. When I want something, I go after it and there is always a way," said Hill, who said her Master’s in Health Administration and bachelor’s in Business Administration was instrumental in her career advancement at the hospital. But working on her nursing degree has been the biggest eye opener of them all.

"I am learning so much from my Instructors. They have taught me that therapeutic communication is key. They have taught that critical thinking is key in nursing, even though I really thought I had that down pat being in the military, nursing is a total different beast," Hill said. "They have taught me that things constantly change and you have to adapt to the changes. They have taught me that patients are number one and their safety is the most important thing in healthcare and for better patient outcomes. Nursing is going to be forever learning and forever changing, but the basics never change and be the patients advocate no matter what."

Hill said that her favorite class at FAU thus far has been pharmacology because "my Instructor was very involved, made us participate so we could learn the material better." Hill also loved the clinical lab with Dr. Andrea Archer, a former officer in the Navy Reserves who works on transitioning veterans to civilian life. "One, she scared me, two she was one of the best Instructors I ever had. Three, if you did not know your material that week, do not even bother going into her class, you will be embarrassed. She made me want to learn and I learn best hands on and with a scare factor."

Hill urges military veterans to pursue careers in healthcare. "There are so many job opportunities in this field. There are so many ways for advancement, and you can get a job anywhere in the world," Hill said. "The overall feeling of helping someone in need, that is the best part, knowing you did your part."