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Brianna Nicole Clark

Thursday, Jul 01, 2021
Brianna Nicole Clark

Multimedia Studies | Class of 2021

Brianna Nicole Clark expects to graduate this August with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia studies from the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters. Currently, she is putting her skills to use as a marketing intern at Sanctuary Medical Center in Boca Raton. There she assists in working with influencers, creating content and helps run their social media Prior to that, Clark was a marketing intern for Broward Campus Life directing the marketing for FAU esports and collaborating with esports companies Misfits and Cloud9 to hold fundraising esports tournaments and panels. Her plan is to work in the gaming industry full-time after graduation.

"One of my favorite things I’ve done at FAU is take classes with Professor Chris "Topher" Maraffi where I learned game design," Clark said. "There I was able to collaborate with graduate students on virtual reality game projects and also create my own game." Clark studied game design, design, animation and media for her multimedia degree. "I play League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege in my free time and am interested in esports. I make marketing videos on tiktok," she said.

Clark said growing up playing games allowed her to appreciate the community of gamers. "I've always been interested in being able to build engaging, entertaining, and unique interactive experiences through design, coding, etc. So when I decided to explore a multimedia degree, that allowed me to get into creating video games, but still allowed me to build my skills so that I could go into marketing," she said. "I've experienced esports, I've experienced putting on events about gaming, I've experienced playing, I've experienced watching people play, and I've experienced creating the games."

Clark said one of her ultimate goals in life is to work for a company like Sony aka Playstation. "I also wouldn't mind working in the entertainment industry with TV shows working in some form of marketing. I am manifesting the life I desire, but change is the only constant in life and we are constantly evolving as we are interacting with the world. So, who knows where I will want to be in five to ten years from now," Clark said.