FAU Broward Campuses - Staff Spotlight

Lt. Edward Delancy

Tuesday, Feb 01, 2022
Lt. Edward Delancy

Commander | FAU Police Department

Lt. Edward Delancy oversees safety and law enforcement at the Davie, Fort Lauderdale, and SeaTech Dania Beach campuses. Prior to taking over as the FAU Police Department’s Commander of the Broward Campuses in 2017 and before joining FAU in 2006, he was a Correctional Officer Sergeant with the Florida Department of Corrections. "The most important thing I learned was how to deescalate a confrontational situation utilizing interpersonal skills and communication as no weapons were allowed inside the prison," Lt. Delancy said. "I was able to make a more effective transition as a police officer at FAUPD because I was able to effectively communicate with convicted felons amid challenging scenarios during these encounters. That experience has also allowed me to effectively communicate during my daily patrol as a police officer."

Lt. Delancy, who served as FAUPD’s road patrol supervisor and spent 8 years assigned as a detective as the lead criminal investigator, said his favorite experience at FAU was being assigned as the police liaison to the FAU football team, a job he has held for the past 14 seasons. It allows him to be a mentor to over 100 athletes every year. "I am able to interact closely with the entire athletic staff, including coaches and players, in my liaison role. I've had the opportunity to mentor players, support staff, and establish relationships with the FAU community. These encounters have resulted in friendships that will last a lifetime," Delancy said. "I am delighted to have aided and mentored these groups of men, with whom I continue to communicate and offer guidance on life after football."

And his most memorable experience at FAU took place at a Black History celebration at the FAU Davie campus in February 2020 where Lt. Delancy had the "honor and opportunity" to meet Dr. Yusef Salaam, one of the Central Park 5 members. Dr. Salaam was falsely convicted of a crime he did not commit and spent nearly seven years in prison. "Dr. Salaam and I privately shared our experiences growing up in Miami and New York, as we faced similar challenges growing up in inner-city neighborhoods," Lt. Delancy said. "One of the main reasons I wanted to pursue a profession in law enforcement was to help young people and serve as a mentor to them."

During his free time, Lt. Delancy, who was born and raised in Liberty City and still lives in Miami, enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his wife and children.