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Dr. Louisa Rogers

Friday, Apr 01, 2022
Dr. Louisa Rogers

Senior Instructor | College of Business

Dr. Louisa Rogers teaches business communications skills to graduate-level accounting students and business communication skills to undergraduate business majors at the College of Business. "I teach them to write and speak as professionals – clearly, concisely and accurately," Dr. Rogers said. "They learn clarity through word choice, format, and document design. They also learn concision; less is more. In addition, they learn to avoid legalese and jargon as both interfere with audiences understanding them."

Among the courses Dr. Rogers revised and developed, all based on real-life scenarios, are: Communication Strategies for Professional Accountants (students secure a new client, Sam’s Super Deli, and must provide accounting documents and services); Communications Strategies for Business Valuators (students help a client who has inherited money and wants advice about investing in Home Depot stock); and Communication Strategies for Forensic Accountants (theft has occurred at Weaver Textile and students identify the guilty parties). "I'm currently working on a paired course with Dr. Donna Cooke. It is the first of its kind offered at FAU. The paired course gives management majors the opportunity to take a management course and the GEB [General Business] requirement together. In this course, GEB is designed to support management in its writing and presenting assignments. We plan on writing up our experiences as qualitative research."

While at FAU, Dr. Rogers has helped instructors who were teaching GEB 3213 [Introduction to Business Communication] for the first time and instructors who were teaching Communications Strategies for Forensic Accountants and Communications Strategies for Professional Accountants for the first time. She has assisted the College of Business with making the transition to Fast Track Courses and has worked with the FAU Davie Career Center, helping them have more evening hours and hold career fairs later in the day to enable evening students to attend. Among one of her favorite experiences at FAU was helping one of her students prepare for and subsequently be hired by the multinational firm, Deloitte.

Dr. Rogers began teaching at the College of Business in 2013. Prior to that she had been teaching at the College of Education since 2004. A born and raised New Yorker, Dr. Rogers earned her doctorate at Rutgers University in English Education (composing /learning strategies of college writers) and did post-doctoral work at Florida International University in Florida ESOL [English for speakers of other Languages] Endorsement. "I moved from New York City to South Florida in 1981. The University of Miami brought me down to teach writing," said Dr. Rogers, a Sunrise resident who, during her free time, enjoys hiking, swimming, hot yoga, and weight training.