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Partnering with the CCEW

Interested in Partnering with the CCEW?

The CCEW is interested in collaborating with neighboring organizations, agencies, and businesses in order to better serve the community. There are a number of different ways that the CCEW can assist you and your organization, including developing specific workshops or assisting with writing projects. Please contact us for more information.

Have an idea for a workshop?

If you are an engaging public speaker with an innovative idea for a writing workshop, the CCEW would like to hear from you! Submitting a workshop proposal is a two step process. First, please fill out the first portion of the Workshop Proposal Form to submit your initial idea. Once your form has been approved, you will be invited to submit the second section, which is an extended proposal, along with any accompanying presentations (Powerpoints, Prezis, etc.). All workshop instructors are paid for their time. 

 Last Modified 3/16/18