FAU Campus Recreation Personal trainers are prepared to develop an exercise program specifically for you. From the novice to the elite athlete, our trainers have the knowledge and skills to work with you in achieving your personal health and fitness goals.

Personal Trainers act as expert guides and consultants, who assist clients in reaching individually selected fitness goals. This is accomplished by teaching the client how to perform exercises correctly and effectively.

Personal Trainers work to provide clients with the knowledge and experience necessary to develop a personalized approach to fitness that can be modified and carried on throughout life. Use a Personal Trainer for the motivation you need to accomplish your  goal. 



In order to sign up for Personal Training, students and members should visit the Membership Office located in the Recreation and Fitness Center. Payment in full is required at the time your paperwork is completed.

If you have had any serious injuries or medical conditions you will need to have your doctor approve your participation in a prescribed fitness program – please bring your doctor’s contact information with you.   Check, credit and debit cards are accepted. For more information contact the Campus Recreation Offices at (561) 297-4512 or

Please note, appointments must be canceled with your trainer at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting otherwise the trainer will deduct the scheduled session from your package.



Each training package includes a 1-hour initial consultation with your train. This consultation is a chance for you to meet with your trainer to discuss your goals, activity history, and expectations prior to beginning training.

60 Minute Sessions

Work towards your fitness goals one session at a time. Each 60 minute session will include a proper warm up, conditioning to fit your personal needs, and a cool down/stretch.

  5 Sessions 10 Sessions 15 Sessions 20 Sessions
Students $125 $220 $300 $380
Members $150 $270 $390 $500

30 Minute Sessions

Shorter sessions are available for those who need condensed workouts and are ideal for those who already know how to complete a proper warm up and cool down. Please arrive to session already warm and ready to move!

  5 Sessions 10 Sessions 15 Sessions 20 Sessions
Students $95 $160 $210 $260
Members $120 $210 $300 $380

Group Sessions

There are many emotional and mental benefits to working out with a buddy or in a group-that’s why the Department of Campus Recreation offers Group Training packages. Group Training packages are available for groups of 2-3 at similar fitness levels for a discounted rate.  All participants must be a students in order to get the student rate.  Groups who have non-student members must use the Rec Member group rate.

  5 Group Sessions 10 Group Sessions 15 Group Sessions 20 Group Sessions
Student Group $200 $370 $525 $660
Member Group $225 $430 $615 $800



Trainers for the Department of Campus Recreation hold nationally accredited certifications so you can be confident in who you hire. 



Daniel “DJ” Scott

Major: Exercise Science & Health Promotion

Fitness Philosophy: Exercise should be a tool for more than just to look good. It should be a tool to make yourself a better you in every way possible. Ultimately exercise is a tool that can make your goals become a reality.


Tony Gagne

Major:Exercise Science and Health Promotion

Fitness Philosophy: Functional, physical fitness is the gateway to improving holistic health. This includes mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


Damien Michel

Major: Exercise Science and Health Promotion

Fitness Philosophy: Fitness isn’t just about lifting heavy weight and looking good, it’s deeper than that. Fitness to me is a tool to transform who you are, and improve yourself in all aspects of life. Exercise has the power to alter your body, mindset, and spirituality. Be disciplined, hardworking, and confident, and let’s grow together!


Elijah Brown

Major: Exercise Science and Health Promotion

Fitness Philosophy: Fitness is vital to not only feel and look good, but to really live life to the fullest. Staying physically fit is not only a selfish act to better yourself, but also a selfless action to keep yourself alive and well to experience life with your loved ones. Fitness is more than just fun and hard work, fitness is for life.


Micheal Maselli

Major: Biology | Awarded Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Fitness Philosophy: I believe everything is a choice. We all have a decision, every morning, to wake or stay in bed. Choosing to wake up and do something is the best decision to make. If you're ready to better your lifestyle and FULLY commit, then let's get started.

Pedro Magalhaes

Pedro Magalhaes

Major: Exercise Science & Health Promotion

Fitness Philosophy: Fitness, to me, is challenging yourself each and every day to be better than you were yesterday, both physically and mentally. Let’s Get Better Today!

Becky Cerminaro

Becky Cerminaro

Major: Exercise Science & Health Promotion

Fitness Philosophy: Fitness is equivalent to an ice cream sundae. The hard work, time, energy and dedication is your base. The lessons and values taught throughout the process are the toppings. Lastly, to have the ability to improve and change the lives of others is the cherry on top. It takes all components to get the best outcome.

Aubree Woolley

Aubree Woolley

Major: Exercise Science & Health Promotion

Fitness Philosophy: Fitness is a way of life that you must be committed to. YOU must want to be healthy, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. There are tools to help you with your fitness journey, and we are here to help you. At the end of the day however, you must make the decision to ask for that helping hand!

Brittany Stephenson

Brittany Stephenson

Major: Educational Leadership (Master's Candidate)

Fitness Philosophy: Fitness is not a goal, it’s a lifestyle that requires patience and discipline. Discipline your mind and body toward healthy activities and food, and be patience to watch your goals manifest.


Q:  How do I sign up for Personal Training?

A:  To sign up for Personal Training, students and Rec Members need to visit the Membership Office at the Recreation and Fitness Center. You may not call to register it is a mandatory “walk-in” registration policy. At this time, the prospective client will review the training packages available, complete paperwork and pay for the selected package. To save time, the prospective client may request necessary paperwork and complete prior to coming into the office to sign up.  Paperwork requests can be made by contacting the Membership Office at (561) 297-4512 or


Q: May I purchase a Personal Training package without being a student or Rec Member?

:  No. All clients must be currently enrolled students or Rec Members in order to purchase and utilize personal training sessions. All Recreation memberships must be current in order to participant in personal training.


Q: May I request a specific Personal Trainer?

A: Students and Rec Members may request a specific Personal Trainer; however, we cannot guarantee an exact match.  The personal training staff will do its best to pair trainers and clients appropriately based on goals, availability and client preference.


Q: May I upgrade my Personal Training package after I have already started sessions with my trainer?

A:  A client may choose to “upgrade” his or her personal training package at any point prior to using 50% of the sessions purchased.  At this point, the client will pay the difference between the original and upgraded package.  After using 50% of the sessions purchased, a client must complete the initial package prior to purchasing additional sessions. 


Q: After I finish my Personal Training package, may I purchase additional sessions with the same trainer?

A:  Yes.  You will be required to complete another “Personal Training Agreement” form and make the payment to the Membership Office.  Once payment is received, training sessions may resume.


Q:  How many times per week do I meet with my trainer?

A:  Personal Trainers will make recommendations to clients based on goals and time constraints; however, it is ultimately up to the client to decide how many times per week to meet.  Training schedules are typically discussed between the trainer and client during the initial consultation before the first training session.


Q: If I graduate or move, will I be reimbursed for unused sessions?

A:  All Personal Training packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Clients will not be reimbursed for unused sessions. Sessions will expire 12 months after purchase date.


Q: What happens if I miss a scheduled session with my personal trainer?

A: If a trainer is not notified at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule a session, the session will count against the client’s package.


 Last Modified 9/28/17