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Research Integrity

College Representatives, Regulations & Resources

IT College Representatives

College Representative Email
Arts & Letters Greg Topple gtopple@fau.edu
Business Peter Goumas pgoumas@fau.edu
Design & Social Inquiry Matthew Canavan mcanavan@fau.edu
Education Steve Diaz sdiaz@fau.edu
Engineering Mahesh Neelakanta mahesh@fau.edu
Honors Mike Hampton mhampton@fau.edu
Medicine Wies Rafi wrafi@health.fau.edu
Nursing Jony Singh jsingh@fau.edu
Science Jaime Paredes jparede1@fau.edu
For additional questions please contact Research Integrity Office at: researchintegrity@fau.edu or 561-297-1383.

Regulations & Resources

  • 1. University of Pittsburgh, Human Research Protection Office, Electronic Data Security. See site.
  • 2. Office of Human Research Protections, Protection of Human Subjects. See site.
  • 3. Office of Human Research Protections, Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. See site.
  • 4. Florida Statute 817.568(1), Criminal Use of Personal Identification Information. See statute online.
  • 5. FAU Information Access Management Policy. Various policies.
  • 6. FAU Policy 20, Backup and Restoration Plan. See policy.
  • 7. FAU Research Integrity Office, Guidance for Researchers, Internet Research. See site.
  • 8. FAU - IRBNet Library, Reference 4 – Social Media Language. Log into IRBnet.
  • 9. Adapted from University of Pennsylvania, The Institutional Review Board, Guide for Social Media. See site.
  • 10. FAU Policy 10.3.11., Waiver of Informed Consent See policy.
  • 11. FAU Policy 10.3.6., Children in Research. See policy.

 Last Modified 6/15/17