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Research Development

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The Research Development office offers FAU investigators assistance in finding research funding, building cross-discipline university-wide teams and in writing and strengthening grant proposals.

Our office can provide the following services:

Find Funding

  • Disseminate relevant information about funding opportunities tailored to investigators’ research interests
  • Provide additional foundation funding opportunities to investigators who submit federal proposals

Build a Team

  • Suggest potential internal and external collaborators
  • Assist with partnerships for targeting human subjects research populations
  • Identify outreach opportunities to address NSF broader impacts criterion
  • Host brainstorming sessions to identify interested collaborators

Strengthen Your Proposal

  • Contribute proposal content in specialized cases
  • Edit to improve the written quality of proposals by providing feedback on issues such as logic, evidence, grammar and syntax
  • Facilitate grantsmanship training and consultation
  • Provide writing assistance for faculty who use English as a second language

Additional Services

Templates: Facilitators can also provide templates to investigators in order to streamline the preparation of proposal documents.
Peer Review: In addition to reviews provided by DOR Grant Facilitators, in the case of large federal proposals, the DOR can arrange to have an experienced investigator review your proposal.

For assistance contact proposaldevelopment@fau.edu .

 Last Modified 4/6/20