Infrastructure Systems

Adaptive Traffic Control

Mentor: Aleksandar Stevanovic, Ph.D.

Scholar: Forest Elliott

Home Institution: Oberlin College


Connected vehicles could dramatically reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries caused by accidents on roads and highways. This project focuses on establishing communication with devices that would allow the use of connected vehicles in a driving simulator. The simulator is visualized through the game engine Unity, and is run by VISSIM. First, scripts had to be written that would extract the relevant GPS and signal information from the simulator and send them to a OBU (on board unit). Then, the information that the OBU has taken in must be sent to a RSU (road side unit) for further processing. The driving simulator was successfully connected to the OBU and can now transmit the users car coordinates to a RSU. This technology can be further developed to allow the connected vehicle to receive speed advisories, collision avoidance information and traffic light status.

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Forest Elliott