Health and Behavior

Identifying Human Emotion through Computer Analysis

Mentor: Jason O. Hallstrom, Ph.D.

Students: Jacob Belga and Emmanuel Damour

Belga Home Institution: Florida Atlantic University

Damour Home Institution: Georgia State University


Over Summer 2017, Jacob Belga and Emmanuel Damour joined Dr. Jason Hallstrom’s team on a project aiming to identify human emotion through computational analysis. The team hopes to further understand how the words individuals use and their tone can be linked to specific emotions. The results of this project could aid in the progress of helping individuals that struggle recognizing certain emotions. Jacob and Emmanuel worked together to examine how taking live input can be translated into a distinguishable emotion. Their primary responsibilities were to develop a program script in python that fulfills this task.

Click here for the PDF presentation.   Click here to watch the video presentation.

Belga and Damour