Marine and Environment

Comprehensive Sensing

Mentor: Bing Ouyang, Ph.D.

Student: Benjamin Maltbie

Home Institution: Georgetown University


Benjamin Maltbie joined Dr. Bing Ouyang with his work on comprehensive sensing. His role in the project was to take existing Texas Instruments DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) software and add functionality to it using Code Composer Studio as an IDE. He also used Qt to modify the existing GUI (Graphic User Interface) associated with this software, known as DLP NIRscan Nano GUI. The DMD is a spectrometer that will be used to analyze the different particles in the ocean by taking in infrared rays (900 nanometer to 1700 nanometer in wavelength) and separating them to see which rays are the most common. The functionality he added to the DMD will allow it to analyze the light it takes in with greater control (through greater precision in which areas of input light to analyze) and display that information on the GUI in a color map to show intensity rather than (what it currently does) a 2D graph. These changes will be very useful because they allow researchers using the DMD to understand the data it collects in a much more intuitive manner, alongside being able to more easily target what data they’re collecting.

Click here for the PDF presentation.   Click here to watch the video presentation.

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