Invest in innovative companies that are well positioned for growth
Access to High Quality Angel Deals
  • Members have a “front row seat” to view the latest trends in technology, business models, staffing techniques and sales channels. They gain business insights applicable and relevant to other asset classes.
  • Becoming a member of FAU-TRIN makes sourcing deals much easier –the group as a whole has more high quality, high potential investment opportunities.
  • Due diligence process as a group makes evaluating companies and identifying red flags less of a burden on the member and more of a group responsibility.
  • Hands-on experience: help to source deals, conduct due diligence, and manage investments within the framework created by FAU-TRIN.
  • Pattern recognition: learn what to look for in a potential deal and how to set good terms with an entrepreneur.
  • Industry knowledge: hear from a prominent investors and startup founders to learn about early stage investing.
  • Collaborative investing and its social component, if desired.
  • FAU-TRIN members come from a variety of backgrounds including banking, private equity, law, and startups, creating a platform for valuable networking opportunities.
  • FAU-TRIN promotes diversity in the investment and entrepreneurial ecosystem by increasing the number of skilled angel investors through world-class education, super-networking, and intimate investing.
Membership Criteria

Members must be accredited investors and have a meaningful affiliation with Florida Atlantic University. Members are encouraged to be active in the network, which might include the following:

  • Help source high-quality investment opportunities.
  • Participate in screening calls.
  • Review due diligence materials and pose thoughtful questions relevant to investment evaluation.
  • Post investment, offer support and guidance to portfolio company entrepreneurs based on relevant expertise.

The FAU Tech Runway Investor Network uses a secure online software platform to facilitate collaboration, deal flow management, content management, diligence processes, investor relations and portfolio reporting.

The FAU-TRIN Managing Director coordinates the deal flow and coordinates with the Director of Diligence as needed for due diligence activities.

Interactions with companies are facilitated through localized member meetings, video conference presentations and planned pitch events (four to six times every year with attendance encouraged but not required). Graduate student associates provide support and resources to deal teams for diligence and communications.

The annual membership fee for FAU-TRIN is $1,500 payable upon joining the network and upon each year anniversary. Dues are assessed in order to cover the modest year-round administrative and staffing needs of the group. The FAU-TRIN Managing Director will assess and approve all membership requests. For FAU-TRIN membership guidelines, please see our membership agreement.

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