The social script we too often hear says:

  • Women should live in constant fear of sexual violence.
  • Women must sacrifice their freedom to dress how they want, go where they want, and socialize how they want to avoid sexual assault.
  • If a woman is sexually assaulted, she is at least partially to blame.
  • It is a man’s responsibility to initiate the sexual activity that he wants. A woman’s responsibility is to say no if she isn’t interested.

Do you think this social script is wrong? We sure do. Let’s


Flip the Script is a 12 hour sexual assault resistance training for university women. This class follows the Canadian-based curriculum Enhanced Assess Acknowledge Act (EAAA). EAAA is the first and only evidence based curriculum proven to reduce a woman’s personal risk of sexual assault. In a randomized control trial, women who completed the EAAA training were 46% less likely to experience a completed sexual assault and 63% less likely to experience an attempted sexual assault. FAU is proud to be the first university in the United States to implement this program.

For information on the curriculum and it's research, visit sarecentre.org

Flip the Script emphasizes that it is NEVER the victim’s fault if they are sexually assaulted. The only person who is ever responsible is the person who chooses to commit a sexual assault. However, just as there are things a person can do to boost their immune system to reduce their chances of getting sick, Flip the Script strengthens a skill set that can reduce a woman’s personal risk of sexual assault.

Flip the Script is further based on the assumption that a college woman is most likely to be sexually assaulted by a person that she knows and trusts. The skills imparted by Flip the Script allow women to fully participate in a college social experience, complete with friendships and dating, while simultaneously maximizing her safety.




Assess helps women to recognize that they are most at risk of sexual assault from a person they know in familiar social situations. Assess helps women to identify behavior and situational cues that signal higher risk for sexual violence. Women explore a variety of ways to undermine these risks in ways which do not limit their freedom or their ability to have a fulfilling college experience.
Because the perpetrator of sexual assault is often an intimate partner, friend, or acquaintance, women often face emotional barriers to resistance. The Acknowledge portion of Flip the Script guides women through the process of recognizing and overcoming these barriers to defending their rights in ways that are compatible with their emotional and social goals.
In Act, women are equipped with a variety of evidence-based verbal and physical resistance strategies shown to be effective in resisting sexual assault. By interacting with diverse acquaintance-based scenarios, women have the opportunity to choose which resistance tools feel most comfortable to them and are most effective for each context.
This unit focuses on enhancing women’s knowledge of their personal values and desires and empowers women to express their wants with a romantic and/or sexual partner. When women are familiar with their sexual preferences, they are faster able to recognize coercive behavior that violates their choice.


Flip the Script is a 12 hour training divided into four 3-hour units. While the class is free to FAU students, space is limited and students who reserve a seat but do not attend will be charged a $50 fee to their student account. A certificate of completion will be awarded to students who attend all four sessions.

This program is open to all self-identified women currently enrolled at FAU. Students in need of special accommodations are asked to contact Owls Care Health Promotion (561-297-1048 or wellness@fau.edu) at least five business days prior to the start of the class.

Fall 2017


Dates and times will be made available Summer 2017.

20 spots will be available for each session.

Dates and times will be made available Summer 2017. 

20 spots will be available for each session.

Dates and times will be made available Summer 2017

20 spots will be available for each session.

Dates and times will be made available Summer 2017.


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At Owls Care, we strive to enable a campus culture of safety and equality. We see ending campus sexual violence as an imperative step to achieving this goal. Our Flip the Script graduate facilitators empower women in their resistance to sexual violence and their active attainment of gender equality.

If you would like to be a leader in the movement to Flip the Script on sexual violence, you can apply to become a graduate facilitator by sending your CV or resume, a cover letter, and three references to Sarah Deatherage at sdeatherage@fau.edu.

For more information, please download a the following position description.

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