Substance Safety

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Owls Care strives to empower students to be healthy, responsible and successful. We believe in providing students with comprehensive information they can utilize to make safer decisions and minimize risks. This information can be useful for all students, regardless of personal substance-use, to be a caring owl and watch out for your friends. For more details about the services we offer students, click on the links and buttons below.

Data from the 2015 National College Health Assessment collected here at FAU has shown that most owls are healthier than you think.

  • 85% of FAU students don’t smoke cigarettes.
  • 80% of FAU students have less than 4 drinks when they socialize/party.
  • 88% of FAU students have not smoked marijuana in the past 30 days.

Online Programs

An online education program helps students prepare for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. For more information on campus clarity, please click here to learn more.

Substance Safety Interactive Workshops

Alcohol affects college students in many ways-whether or not they choose to drink. This presentation empowers students to make healthy decisions regarding alcohol. During this presentation, students will:

  • Examine the college drinking culture.
  • Discuss the consequences of high-risk drinking.
  • Learn safer drinking strategies and methods to monitor their BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) to reduce risk.
  • Identify the signs of alcohol poisoning and how to help a friend in need.

In depth education about some common drugs used in college-aged individuals and guidance on how to make informed, responsible choices.

Substance Safety Courses

The Alcohol Skills Training Program is an alcohol abuse prevention program designed for anyone who drinks alcohol. It was developed to promote harm reduction by teaching the knowledge and skills necessary to drink with less risk. It is based on a review of scientific evidence and focuses on alcohol’s effects on the body, as well as it’s more subtle on feelings and thinking. The course suggests ways to learn about your particular drinking style, better understand their own beliefs about drinking, and set goals for changing their drinking, if they choose to drink.

ASTP Fall Course Schedule is posted. Please refer below to sign up.

Ready to stop using tobacco? Our office supports the efforts of our students to quit smoking. If you are interested in quitting, please visit the Everglades Area Health Education Center. They offer free 6-week smoking cessation courses that provide group support, coaching, and strategies to quit. The course also includes free nicotine replacement therapies for participants.

If you are interested in participating in a course or simply learning more about smoking cessation, please visit their website at or call 561-297-1048 for further information.

Click here to learn more about smoking cessation.

Substance Safety Student Groups and Resources

FAU offers many evening and weekend activities for students interested in healthy alternatives to alcohol and other drugs. For more information on alcohol-free events, please click here.

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