Emergency Information

A Safe University

Florida Atlantic University provides a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors through a comprehensive offering of services and detailed information. In the event of an emergency, the University home page will be replaced with detailed information about the emergency situation (the University's current emergency status can be viewed here).

 The Latest Information

TOLL-FREE HOTLINE: A toll-free hotline at 1-888-8FAUOWL (832-8695) offers callers important information about the status of the University during emergency situtations, including approaching hurricanes.

 Crisis Action Guide

The Florida Atlantic University Crisis Action Guide was developed by the University's safety committee to provide pertinent information for the FAU community in the event of an emergency or crisis.The following links offer more information about:

*Introduction to Guide Hurricanes/Tornadoes Severe Weather
Bomb Threats Medical Emergencies Sexual Assault
Criminal/Violent Behavior Psychological Crises Shelter in Place
Emergency Evacuations Reporting Crimes Suspicious Packages
FAU Emergency Status Safety Hazard & Near Miss Reporting University Police
Fires Security & Access Utility Failures
Hazardous Materials    

Download complete guide (updated for 2014).

Some links require Adobe Reader (click here to download).

Key Contacts/ Important Phone Numbers

In an emergency, dial 911 from any location.

University-wide, toll-free hotline for University status: 1-888-8FAUOWL (832-8695)



Counseling Center 561-297-3540   Computer/OIT Help Desk (Davie)
Dean of Students 561-297-3542   Counseling Center 954-236-1210
Environmental Health & Safety 561-297-3129   Environmental Health & Safety 561-297-3129
Night Owls Escort Program 561-297-6695      
Human Resources 561-297-3057   Security  
Physical Plant/Work Control 561-297-2240     > FAU Dania Beach 954-924-7000
Rape Crisis Hotline 561-891-7273     > FAU Davie 954-236-1140
Student Health Center 561-297-3512     > FAU Fort Lauderdale 954-201-7949
Telephone Trouble/Repair 561-297-6333   Sexual Assault Treatment Center 954-761-7273
University Police 561-297-3500   (Nancy J. Cotterman Center)  
Victim's Services 561-297-0500      
        University Police 561-297-3500
       > FAU Davie 954-236-1140
      Victim's Services 561-297-0500


Computer/OIT Help Desk 561-297-3999   Computer/OIT Help Desk 561-297-3999
Environmental Health & Safety 772-242-2357/58   Counseling Center 561-799-8621
Rape Crisis Hotline 866-828-7273   Environmental Health & Safety 772-242-2357/58
Univ. Police (Harbor Branch)
772-216-1124   Rape Crisis Hotline 866-828-7273
Victim Services 561-297-0500   University Police 561-799-8700
      Victim Services 561-287-0500

 Last Modified 6/25/14