Preparing Course Proposals

I. Fill out the appropriate form: New Course, Course change or Core course approval. The former links are available at the FAU Undergraduate Programs Committee website. To obtain an appropriate number for your new course, you MUST email your syllabus to Elissa Rudolph ( or Maria Jennings ( with a request for a new course number. If you are curious, you can click here to see the existing numbers. Feel free to consult with former or present members of the curriculum committee if you have any questions about filling out these forms. A list of these faculty can be found on the faculty resources page.

II. Every new Honors College course syllabus needs an "Honors Distinction Statement" in the syllabus, outlining what specifically makes the course an honors course. You should explain how the course is designed to fit into the Honors College's interdisciplinary, writing intensive curriculum. For example: "This course differs substantially from a non-Honors course.  The expectations for participation in class discussions will be greater than in a typical undergraduate course with a larger cap. Most importantly, this course will reflect the interdisciplinary nature of Honors education and will inculcate critical attitudes and skills that will teach you how to learn for yourself."

To propose your course as a core course, prepare a Core course approval form (link is above).
For all proposals, be sure your syllabus complies with the Provost's guidelines for syllabi. In particular:

  1. Academic integrity links in the syllabus should be updated (latest university one is ), and typed out (not just a link but the full online address provided) in a written statement with an explanation, not just by itself.
  2. The UUPC would like to see a grading scale on each syllabus (what is an A, A-, B+ B, etc.).
  3. Make sure to use the updated disabilities statement in the syllabus, with the correct name of the disability office (Student Accessibility Services) and updated contact information.

III. When you are finished, email the form (pdf)  and the syllabi/bibliography (Word document)  as 2 separate files in an electronic attachment to the curriculum committee chair (Dr. Miguel Vazquez, by the stated deadline. Files must be named correctly: use LastName_BriefTitle_syllabus (for syllabus) and LastName_BriefTitle_form (for the form). Proposals that aren't approved by the committee will be sent back to faculty for revision. To expedite the approval process, the curriculum committee is willing to edit proposals that are approved subject to minor non-substantive changes without sending them back to faculty. If you would prefer to have proposals requiring such changes sent back to you first, indicate this when submitting your proposal.

IV. If you want your course to satisfy the WAC requirement, see FAU's WAC guidelines. The UUPC website has other info and forms.

V. You can check on whether the UUPC approved your proposal by cnsulting their minutes, posted online.