Advising: How to Place a Student in Spanish or French

1. Ask if the student completed high school in a language other than English. If so, send the student to Dr. Miguel Vazquez. The student may be able to place out.

2. Ask if the student has any AP or IB credit (in French, German, Latin or Spanish) or CLEP credit (in French, German, or Spanish). If yes, see the Honors College catalogue for credit earned. If they have earned credit through 1121, they have completed the requirement. If they only earned credit for 1120, they must take 1121 (SPN 1121 is offered in Fall and Spring, and FRE 1121 is offered in the Spring).

3. Look at the placement results for the student. Note that students now take placement exams online. Placement tests cover both Spanish and French. N. B. The placement exam does not give credit, it simply tells us what class the student should take to complete requirements. Students should bring the results of the test to their advising appointment.  Use the table below to tell student what class(es) to take.

Student Place Into Student Should Take
1120 1120 (Fall) and 1121 (Spring)
1121 1121 (offered Fall and Spring)--this will complete their For Lang requirement
2220 2220 (Fall) or CLEP
2221 2221 (Spring) or CLEP


Any student who places into 2220 or above may earn credit by taking the CLEP exam. The test is given on computer at Boca. Students can call the Office of Testing and Evaluation in Boca at 7-3160 for more information about schedule and cost. Students who do not wish to take a language class may prefer this option, but they do not get any credit without the necessary score on this exam or a class (unless they have AP or IB).