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Fall 2014 Forum

Date Title Presenter
8/22/14 How Does it Feel to be a Problem? Being Young and Arab in America

Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes

Dr. Yasmine Shamma

8/29/14 Citing Your Sources in Style Prof. Rachel Luria

                          Unwanted Attention: Privacy in the Age of Google Glass and You Tube

Dr. Mark Tunick
9/12/14 Serendipitous Science Dr. Paul Kirchman
9/19/14 Doing History in the Digital Age  Dr. Christopher Strain
9/26/14  Ethics and Science:  Three Publications Dr. Veljko Dragojlovic
10/03/14 The Clandestine Literature of the Last Muslims in Spain Dr. Miguel Vázquez
10/10/14 Nerve Cell Stamina Dr.  Gregory Macleod
10/17/14 Named Scholar Ceremony  Moustafa Bayoumi
10/24/14  So What's Economics Good For? Dr. Keith Jakee

Contemplating "Nature:" A Research Program

Dr. Wairimũ Njambi

Dr. William O'Brien

11/07/14 Science at Sea: Exploring Bear Seamount  Dr. Jon Moore
11/14/14  Call of the Wild: The Art of Illustrating Nature Prof.  Dorotha Lemeh
11/21/14 What Becomes a Legend Most Dr. Jeffrey Buller



Spring 2014 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
1/10/14 Fieldwork in Andean Ecuador

Dr. Rachel Corr

1/17/14 FAU's Agora Project & the Rebooting of the American University Dr. William Trapani

Peace Corps: Life is calling.  How far will you go?

Steve Hunsicker
1/31/14 Through the Looking Glass; Seeing Images, Seeing Ourselves Dr. Anita Kirchen
2/07/14  WWII History: History from an American Ex-POW Morton Brooks
2/14/14 Innovative Thinking Dr. Daniel Raviv
2/21/14  The Kenan Social Engagement Program: What is Social Entrepreneurship

Dr. Timothy Steigenga

Dr. Christopher Strain

2/28/14  Beyond the Thesis; University-Wide Research Opportunities

Elizabeth Tranquil

Melanie Pineda

3/07/14 Spring Break  X
3/14/14  Confessions of a Textbook Author  Dr. Barbara Bjorklund
3/21/14 The Origins of Terrorism in Russia

Dr. Christopher Ely

3/28/14  A Doctorate of a Different Color Dr. Monica Maldonado
4/4/14  Archival Research in Literary Studies Dr. John Hess
4/11/14  Symposium - TBA  Ms. Shahzia Sikander
4/18/14  What Becomes a Legend Most?  Dr. Jeffrey L. Buller




Fall 2013 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/30/13 Open Discussion - Why Does the World Exist? by Jim Holt

Dr. Jeffrey Buller


Privacy in the Age of Google Glass and YouTube

Dr. Mark Tunick

Why Yeast are Better Guinea Pigs than Humans

Dr. Paul Kirchman
09/20/13 Surf and Turf at the Honors College Dr. Jon Moore
09/27/13 Them! Dr. Jim Wetterer
10/04/13 The Adaptive and Maladaptive Aspects of Emotion Dr. Laura Vernon
10/11/13 Why Does the World Exist? An Existential Detective Story

Mr. Jim Holt

10/18/13 Understanding your Credit History and Credit Score

Mr. Jason Athas

10/25/13 The Life and Times of an Algebraist Dr. Warren McGovern
11/01/13   Bridge to a Better Life  Alyssa Wood
11/08/13 Ireland Study Abroad: Hidden Histories and Unexpected Lessons

Prof. Rachel Luria

11/15/13 Why Everything You Know about Egypt is Wrong Dr. Jeffrey Buller
11/22/13 Visual Ethnography Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes


Spring 2013 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/11/13 Them

Dr. James Wetterer


The Future is Now!: Resources for Successful Career Planning

Mr. Luis Santiago

What Happens in Hamlet

Dr. Michael Harrawood
02/01/13 Understanding your Credit History and Credit Score Mr. Jason Athas
02/08/13  Undergraduate Research in Cell Biology Rosa Beltran, Kristal Hazelief, Ana Rodrigues, Christina Turn, Rachel Turn, Joe Williams
02/15/13 The Kenan Social Engagement Program: What is Social Entepreneurship 

Dr. Timothy Steigenga
Dr. Christopher Strain

02/22/13 Lessons Learned from Internships

Dawn Adolfson, Hannah Norcini

03/01/13 Navy Seals: A View from the Inside

 Lt. Hector J. Delgado

03/08/13 Spring Break X
03/15/13  Looking for Mathematics in African Culture  Dr. Terje Hoim
03/22/13 Marine Mammal Epidemiology: Connecting Wildlife, Environmental and Human Health

Mr. Adam Schaefer

03/29/13 The BP Oil Spill: Impacts, Investigations and Recovery Dr. Jon Moore
04/05/13 The Historical Origins of Terrorism Dr. Christopher Ely
04/12/13 The Evolution-Creation Dispute: A Sibling Rivalry Dr. Michael Ruse
4/19/13 College Professors in the Movies Dr. Jeffrey L. Buller



Fall 2012 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/24/12 Panel Discussion - The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Dr. Christopher Strain,
Dr. Daniel White, Dr. Michael Harrawood, Daniel Zengotita


Beer, Bread and Immortality

Dr. Paul Kirchman

Privacy in the Age of Google Glasses and You Tube

Dr. Mark Tunick
09/14/12 Altar Ego: Reading the Ara Pacis Dr. Jeffrey L. Buller
09/21/12  My Summer Road Trip  Skylar Benedict, Sarah Harris, Natalie Harrison, Stephanie Lopez, Sarah Sax, Christina Turn
09/28/12 My Summer Road Trip with Jim Crow

Dr. William O'Brien

10/05/12 Peace Corps: Life is calling.  How far will you go?

Steve Hunsicker

10/12/12 The Grass is Greener on this Side

 Hugh Howey

10/19/12 Student Research Presentation Blake Bailey, Arely Baugh, Stephen Jones, Rachael Pilaski
10/26/12  Named Scholar Ceremony  Leslie Lilly, Pres/CEO
11/02/12 2012 Elections

Dr. Kevin Lanning

11/09/12 So what is regression analysis all about? Dr. Kanybek Nur-tegin
11/16/12 Bioactive Molecules Dr. Veljko Dragojlovic


Spring 2012 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/13/12 Boundaries in Personality and Politics

Dr. Kevin Lanning


Marine Mammal Research and Conservation -
An Overview of Careers in Marine Mammal Medicine and Biology

 Stephen McCulloch

Understanding your Credit History and Credit Score

Mr. Jason Athas

From Jacaltenango to Jupiter: Religion, Politics, and
the History of the El Sol Resource Center

Dr. Timothy Steigenga
02/10/12   Study Abroad and You  CJ Kwan

Mr. Jacobson goes to the White House:
A Daughter's Memory

Gloria Shusterman

02/24/12 Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Jeffrey Buller

03/02/12 Peace Corps:  Life is calling. How far will you go?

Steve Hunsicker

03/09/12 Spring Break


03/16/12 Unwanted Attention: Privacy and Free Speech in the Age of YouTube Dr. Mark Tunick

The Clandestine Literature of the Last Muslims
in Spain

 Dr. Miguel Vázquez
04/06/12 Extreme Algebra

Dr. Warren McGovern

04/13/12 HC Symposium for Research and Creative Projects Carole Y. Taylor
04/20/12 Fieldwork in Andean Ecuador Dr. Rachel Corr


Fall 2011 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/26/11 Panel discussion - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacksby Rebecca Skloot

Dr. Quintyne, Dr. Strain,
Dr. White


The Blood of Strangers:  Stories from Emergency

 Dr. Frank Huyler

My Time in Africa

Stephen Jones

Global Warming and the Myth of Hydrogen

Dr. Michelle Ivey
09/23/11   Archaeological Adventure in Sicily at Ancient Paliké Dr. Brian McConnell

 Career Exploration: Finding the Right Fit

Sara McHale

10/07/11 The Adaptive & Maladaptive Aspects of Emotion

Dr. Laura Vernon

10/14/11 The Art of Representation

Dr. Amy McLaughlin, Prof. Lemeh

10/21/11 Ants!!!

Dr. James Wetterer

10/28/11 What can you do with a concentration in Economics? Dr. Keith Jakee

Named Scholar Ceremony

 Frank Cerabino
11/18/11 Retrospective: First Semester at “The HC”

Dr. Jeffrey Buller




Spring 2011 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/14/11  Beer, Bread & Immortality

Dr. Paul Kirchman


 Turtles to Seagrass: Moving Down the Food Chain

 Kathryn Tiling

Peace Corps:  Life is calling. How far will you go?

Steve Hunsicker

The Max Planck Florida Institute: Exploring the Frontiers of Science

Dr. Claudia Hillinger
02/11/11 Bioactive Molecules Dr. Veljko Dragojlovic

How I Met Your Aten

Alex Lange

02/25/11 Unintended Consequences

Dr. Keith Jakee

03/04/11 Conservation of Florida's Endangered Flora & Fauna

Dr. Jon Moore

03/11/11 Spring Break


03/18/11 Art in Technology Prof. Dorotha Lemeh

Aristotle and Descartes: from Psyche to Cogito

Dr. Daniel White
04/01/11 The Origins of Terrorism in Russia

Dr. Christopher Ely

04/08/11 Eyewitness Memory

Dr. Julie Earles

04/15/11 Honors College Symposium (LLS Auditorium) Prof. Ngugi wa Thiong'o
04/22/11 An Oedipus for the Rest of Us Dr. Jeffrey Buller




Fall 2010 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
08/27/10  Finding Manana Panel Discussion

Dr. Jeffrey Buller
Dr. Warren McGovern


A Very, Very Brief Introduction to Econometrics

Dr. Kanybek Nur-tegin

Play Nice in the Sandbox

Sean Pierce & Jenna Johnson

On personality assessment: Lessons from studies of politicians, professors, poets, and you.

Dr. Kevin Lanning
09/24/10 The Art of Effective Communication Alan Gray

Career and Internship Possibilities

FPL Team

10/08/10 Spanish Republican Exiles in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Carmen Cañete Quesada

10/15/10 Creating Pathways of Success

Johanna Martin, Asst. Director,
Career Development

10/22/10 Named Scholars Ceremony

Special Guest Speaker

10/29/10 Optimizing Conditions for Arson Investigations Dr. Eugene Smith

Enticing the Criminal:  The Problem of Entrapment

Dr. Mark Tunick
11/12/10 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hayden Trepeck

11/19/10 Final Forum Paper Due


11/19/10 Special End-of-Term Event

Mr. Lari Martinez, Diplomat
in Residence?


Spring 2010 Forum

Date                                                                                  Title Presenter
01/15/10  Losing the News

Alex S. Jones


Facebook is not your BFF: What College Students Need to Know

Dr. Sameer Hinduja


Alex Lange

Maturation of an Idea: Universities in France and the United States from 1200 to the Present..

Dr. Michael Armstrong
02/12/10 The Reciprocal Relevance of Psychology and Politics Dr. Kevin Lanning

Formulating Research Topics: One Historian’s Journey

Dr. Chris Strain

02/26/10 Quants: Making the Transition from Theory to Practice

FPL Guest Speakers

03/05/10 The Fundamentals of Financial Literacy

Jason Athas

03/12/10 Spring Break


03/19/10 Nietzsche’s Eternal Return Dr. Daniel White

History of Drug Development and Clinical Trials

Dr. Veljko Dragojlovic
04/02/10 Woman-Woman Marriage Practices Among the Gikuyu People of Kenya

Dr. Wairimu Njambi

04/09/10 HC Symposium

Dr. Jackie Ogden

04/16/10 Women’s Mosques at the Crossroads of Asia

Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes

04/20/10 Final Paper Due to Advisor by 5 p.m.  
04/23/10 Altar Ego: Reading the Ara Pacis  Dr. Jeffrey Buller






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