• 18/18

The FAU Brain Institute unveiled a new brain van that delivers on-the-go neuroscience lessons. Neuroscientists are the driving force behind the MobileMinds program, created to engage students in Title I schools, teachers in workshops and underserved communities in South Florida. The program is part of the already-existing program called Advancing STEM-Community Engagement through Neuroscience Discovery, in partnership with the Stiles-Nicholson Foundation and Palm Health Foundation.

In addition, MobileMinds’ partners with the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium (SFSCA) to build science lessons for students in grades six to eight that include activities derived from the SFSCA brain exhibit, Journey through the Human Brain, and STEM lessons created by FAU neuroscientists.

The museum exhibit was designed in a way to make several of its exhibits transportable so that young minds throughout Palm Beach county can experience the wonders of the brain in programs led by FAU faculty and students.