Florida Atlantic University Homecoming

Homecoming is the most exciting week of events that FAU has to offer! It is the time where we are able to reflect on the tremendous accomplishments our University has taken and we are able to reflect and instill pride, school spirit and our festive traditions throughout the FAU family! 

Owls: Agents of Change

With the growing recognition that FAU has gained over the years, the footprint that FAU is leaving on the local and even global community is astronomical. We want to highlight the astounding accomplishments that FAU students are making throughout the world. Whether that’s making the next breakthrough in medical research, coming back to school as a single parent while working a full time job, or even juggling the daily struggles as a student. It is the decisions that we make throughout life that dictate our greatness. We as FAU students act as catalysts for change. We are Owls: Agents of Change.

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 Last Modified 11/2/15