Meredith L. Mountford

After eight years as a teacher, one year as a principal, and three years as a superintendent in Wisconsin, Dr. Mountford earned her Ph.D. in educational administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mountford’s dissertation Motivations for School Board Membership, Conceptions of Power, and Their Impact on Decision-Making won the Dissertation of the Year Award for American Educational Research Association's special interest group, Research on the Superintendency. Dr. Mountford began her professorial career at the University of Missouri-Columbia where she also served as the Statewide Director of the Cooperative Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership . Among her fifteen publications and five more in progress (see vita) along with three book contracts Mountford has worked with Michelle Young and Linda Skrla researching and publishing several journal articles related to transformational learning objectives in educational preparation programs and the subsequent shifts in leadership behaviors of program completers. She has also uses transformational learning objectives as the primary foundation for school board/administrative team/community stakeholder teams called “Transrelational Leadership Communities” as the basis for her professional development model called Transrelational Leadership. She is under contract with Corwin Press for a book about this unique form of district governance and professional development. Mountford was also chosen as one of five authors for AASA’s 10-year study of the Superintendency, 2010 which is currently in progress and serves as an advisor for the Iowa School Board Association for the NSBA 2010 school board survey and the Fordham Foundation. After the book is written about the findings, she has been asked to write a chapter in book as a rebuttal to the findings as laid forth by Rick Hess and Chester Finn.

Mountford consistently works at not only working to improve educational leadership programs at a practical level but also consistently empirically researches the outcomes of new educational leadership programs and their added value as demonstrated by her work on partnerships and internships with Daniel Reyes-Guerra. More recently her work with department colleagues Michele Acker-Hocevar and Pat Maslin-Ostrowski on a state-wide survey to all faculty in Florida regarding a new state law requiring the state’s educational leadership programs to replace and implement a highly scripted curriculum based on 132 skills and competencies which departs from ISLLC standards and which had little to any involvement of faculty in Florida during its development. This article is under review and being presented at UCEA 2009. Mountford has been elected for and served on several officer posts over the past 15 years in notable national organizations, including but not limited to: AERA’s Research on the Superintendency SIG and beginning in 1998 has served as the SIG President, Program Chair, and Chair of the Awards committee and was elected in 2010 again to be the SIG’s President beginning April 2010 – April 2012. Mountford, also a member of AERA’s Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership (LTEL) SIG since 1999 was also recently elected Treasurer for the term April 2010 – April 2012.

For the University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) Mountford has served as FAU’s Plenum Representative beginning in 2008 when Mountford led the departments’ effort to become members in UCEA. She serves on UCEA’s Program Center Advisory Board and in 2008, was on the conference planning team and was FAU’s representative for hosting the UCEA Annual Conference in Orlando. Mountford was recently made Co-Director for one of seven UCEA centers; The UCEA Joint Study for Research on the Superintendency and District Governance. At a more local level, Mountford has served as vice-president of the College of Education’s Faculty Assembly for the 2009/10 and is President Elect for the 2010/11 academic school year. Prior to the current service assignments above, Mountford served on the Graduate Programs Committee (2006-2009) and as the chair of the petitions sub-committee (2007-2009). From 2006-2009, Mountford represented the college of education at FAU on the Broward Education Steering Committee (BESC) and worked with the committee to help strengthen the relationship and partnership aspects between FAU’s EDL and the School Board of Broward County (SBBC). These example service activities and several others at various levels (department, college, state, and national) committees Mountford has served on and elected to leadership posts for many demonstrate her dedication to the field of educational leadership and commitment to improving the field in numerous ways.

Meredith L. Mountford, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology

Office Phone: (561) 297-1093

Office Location: FAU Boca Campus
College of Education
ED 47 Room 246
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