Requirements Before SPA 6505

Requirement Details Date Due Cost
HIPAA Certificate; FAU Training The Program Director sends your name, e-mail in to FAU’s administrator Before any observations or Clinic; e-mail proof to the Program Assistant or Clinic Director $0
25 hrs. of observation -FAU’s clinic
-Master Clinician Network
-Broward Health
December 1, 20--*
Original: your records
1 copy to the Program Assistant;
1 copy to the Department Chair.
$0, unless you sign up for Master Clinician Network ($35/yr.)
Liability Insurance December 1, 20-- e-mail proof to the Program Assistant and to the Clinic Director. If member of NSSLHA: $30, 35, 39
Level 2 Background Check Register with American DataBank (ADB)* October 15, 20--** $75.00
CALIPSO Electronic, Data storage December 1, 20-- $85.00 (one-time only)
Simu-Case Simulated Therapy, Diagnostics December 1, 20-- $99/yr.

*Most of these are “December 1”; in order to know (after break, in January) who can start clinic (these are all requirements)

**Wen you go into ADB, you will see other items with their cost. These will be due later on, before your Externship, but are not needed before you start Clinic in January.

Background Checks take a little time; however, it’s actually “due” before you begin Clinic in January.