Opportunities For Clinical Practicum On Campus (3 Semesters)

  1. The CDC: a Diversity of Clients Affording a Breadth and Depth of Experience
    Variety of populations and disorders.
    • Variety of ages: young as one year old up to adults in their 90’s.
    • Stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other neurological disorder;
    • Language delay, sound-system disorder, congenital condition
    • Down Sydrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder(s)
    • Language and/or speech therapy, associated reading and writing difficulties, following directions; conditions that manifest associated language, speech, and social issues/pragmatics.
      Building 47(College of Education): first and fourth floors.
  2. The CDC: ACI (Academy for Community Inclusion)
  3. The CDC: SPEAK OUT! © and Loud Crowd for Parkinson’s
  4. The CDC: Support Group and Remote therapy
    • Fluency Support Group, First Wednesday of month, 7 pm
    • Fluency Therapy remotely with Rwanda clients
  5. The CDC: Language and Cognitive Therapy for the Older Population
    • Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center, #Az 79: Communications Group and a Parkinson’s Group

The CDC: Preschool known for research Students also may work with very young children at the on-campus pre-school, as follows:

  • Karen Slattery Educational Research Center for Child Development, ages 3 months through preschool, administering screenings, diagnostics, and therapy.