Blood Alcohol Content
Resource Cards

Refer to the following directions on how to use the BAC Cards:

  1. Consider the standard drink sizes listed on the left hand side of the card. Remember: just because the alcohol fit into one cup, doesn't mean it's only one standard drink.  

  2.  Vertically, downward on the for the number of standard drinks one may have if they choose to drink. Horizontally, across the top of card is the amount of time in hours.

  3. If  you line up the horizontal and the vertical sections, you'll find the approximate BAC of someone within that weight range.  

BAC charts are based on the sex assigned at birth and weight. If taking hormones one  should consult their primary care provider. There are additional factors that impact BAC levels, such as body mass index, speed of consumption, type of alcohol, type of mixers, and food consumption. It is important to remember that these charts are estimates only.

For a more  individualized BAC chart, please complete the free Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO program here or by accessing the following link:!/

You must be 21+ to possess or consume alcohol.

In the case of someone having an alcohol or other drug overdose remember to Check, Call, & Care:

CHECK:  Check for signs of alcohol or drug overdose such as vomiting while unconscious or semi conscious, cold clammy skin, blue lips, blue nails, or irregular breathing.

CALL 911:  Get the person the help they need. Calling 911 could save someone's life.

CARE:  Place the person on their side, and stay with them until EMS arrives.


State Medical Amnesty

Florida State Law House Bill 595 

"Alcohol or Drug Overdose Prosecutions;  Prohibits arrest or penalty under specified provisions of person seeking medical assistance for individual experiencing alcohol-related or drug-related overdose or for himself or herself; prohibits this protection from being grounds for suppression of evidence in other prosecutions."   For more information refer to

FAU Medical Amnesty from FAU Dean of Students: 

 (1) The “student who seeks emergency assistance for themselves, another student, or a friend experiencing an alcohol and/or other drug related emergency, as well as (2) the individual in distress, will not be subject to student conduct action under the FAU Student Code of Conduct (Regulation 4.007)”


To view the 2023-2024 Annual Notice, click here.

WEIGHT: 100-120 lbs

WEIGHT: 120-140 lbs

WEIGHT: 140-160 lbs

WEIGHT: 160-180 lbs

WEIGHT: 200-220 lbs

WEIGHT: 220-240 lbs

WEIGHT: 240-260 lbs

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