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 The Benefits of taking summer classes...

The benefits of a 15 to Finish Plan...
  • Stay on track to graduate
  • Graduate early
  • Improved performance
  • Start graduate school sooner
  • Start a career sooner
  • Less debt
  • Priority Financial Aid for registering for classes sooner

Students that sign-up for summer courses have the opportunity to take advantage of extended course offerings.

Taking additional hours over summer term can lead to early graduation and allow you to get a jump start on your graduate education or career.



Did you know...

It's Required
Florida Public Institutions require students to complete nine hours of summer course credit before they are able to graduate. All nine hours do not need to be taken in the same summer term.


Financial Aid
There is financial aid reserved for students enrolled in summer school. For summer financial aid options click here.


Additional Years Add Up
The cost of attendance for every additional year is over $22,000 not including lost salary and benefits from delaying your career and adding additional student loan debt.



Get Ahead, stay Ahead


Next Steps

  • Check for holds that may prevent registration Click here for instructions

  • Be sure you are able to access Self Service prior to your registration date

  • Review DARS for degree requirements

  • Registration times are based on earned credit hours

  • Visit One-Stop Student Services

 Last Modified 11/1/18