What is Student Affairs?
Student Affairs compliments the academic mission by offering programs, activities and services that encourage students to critically explore today’s global society through in-depth engagement with faculty, staff and students who come from different socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, international, gender and/or religious backgrounds.  The diversity of our campus community combined with our excellent academic programs make FAU a dynamic and vibrant academic institution.


Who do I talk to if I have an issue with my professor?
Discuss the issue with the Professor (often times it can be resolved at this level). 

If the student does not find resolution with the Professor or the issue is too uncomfortable to discuss directly with the Professor then:

Contact the Department chair and discuss the issue with them- (chairs can often help with resolutions at the department level).


Where is Student Affairs Located?
The Vice President for Student Affairs is located in the Student Support Services Building (SU 80), Room 215.  


How do I join a club or get involved?
Locate a student group that fits your interest from the list of registered student organizations .


Where do I go to get community service hours?
Community service hours is defined as all unpaid activities sponsored by the Weppner Center for Service-Learning & Civic Responsibility (WCSLCR) and other departments at FAU, student organizations or non-profit organizations that help meet a need in the community. Volunteer hours may also be given for participation in book drives, canned food drives and other activities approved by the WCSLCR.  WCSLCR is located in the Student Union Building, Room 218.


As a concerned parent, how do I find out my child’s academic status?
Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act , Federal Law 20 U.S.C 1232g, ( FERPA ) Law, it is illegal for any FAU employee (faculty or staff) to share information about your student. Thus we are unable to release information about grades, attendance, financial information, health/counseling or disciplinary records, etc. without permission from your student. Students must complete a “FERPA waiver”. For more information about FERPA and the waiver, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (561) 297-3050.

 Last Modified 4/2/15