Giving in Paradise Cookie Break

by Teresa Crane | Thursday, May 23, 2019

The College of Education hosted a Cookie Break to increase awareness of the 2019 Giving in Paradise campaign occurring across the university.  The Cookie Break allowed staff and faculty in Boca, Davie and Jupiter to have a little fun, as well as learn about the opportunities available to donate to departments and programs.  Door Prizes - gift cards, gift bags, and even the Dean’s Reserved Parking Spot - were up for grabs.

“We so enjoyed the Foundation Cookie Day here in Jupiter,” said Patty Kirsch, COE Assistant Dean. “We were open from 12-4 to catch all faculty teaching morning and afternoon, and welcomed eight people around the table for the drawing.”

Tickets of ten lucky faculty and staff members from Boca, Davie, and Jupiter campuses were drawn for prizes:

  • Terry Clark, CSD, Boca, received an Amazon gift card.
  • Ann Musgrove, T&L, Boca, received a Publix gift card.
  • Elizabeth Villares, CE, Jupiter, received a Barnes & Noble gift card.
  • Rachel Bellevue, OASS, Boca, received a Dunkin Donuts gift card.
  • Vicky Ramirez, Dean’s Office, Boca, received the Dean’s reserved parking spot.
  • Ilene Allgood, CCEI, Jupiter, received a gift bag.
  • Jack Scott, ESE/CARD, received a gift bag.
  • Jessica Stupec, OASS, Boca, received an Amazon gift card.
  • Chelsea Dittrich, OASS, Davie, received an Amazon gift card.
  • Angelica Downey, ACI, Jupiter, received lunch for the 1st week of the Fall semester.