Academic Service-Learning

Academic service-learning is more than a volunteer activity; it integrates community service with instruction and reflection. It is designed to enrich the learning experience through hands-on activity and to teach civic responsibility. Academic service learning requires students to apply what they learn in the classroom and to reflect on their experiences by thinking, discussing, and writing about them. It teaches students how to apply academic knowledge to real-life civic issues, promotes teamwork and collaborative problem-solving, develops life skills, and makes learning more personally meaningful.

Primary Components of Academic Service-Learning at FAU:

  • Relevant and Meaningful Service in the Community - The AS-L project should be applicable to the course and worthwhile in meeting community needs.
  • Enhanced Academic Learning - The AS-L project should complement what is learned in the classroom and provide experience in a “real world” setting.
  • Purposeful Civic Engagement - The AS-L project should be designed to have students practice the learning strategies and/or content of the class that meets course learning objectives in a community setting.
  • Critical Reflection - The AS-L project should ask students to reflect on how the project links to (1) course objectives, (2) the impact of the student’s work in the community, and (3) the impact on the student’s personal and professional development.*
  • Minimum of 10 Hours
  • Assessment of A S-L project
  • Academic Service-Learning Statement
  • Assumption of Risk Statement

AS-L Courses by College

Ethnographic Fieldwork ANT 4802
Fieldwork in Archaeology ANT 4824
Honors Internship in Anthropology ANT 4947
Museum Studies and Gallery Practices ARH 4794
Topics - Art History ARH 4930
Art History Study Abroad ARH 4957
Typographic Design Lab 2 GRA3112C
Topics - Photography PGY4440C
Graduate Independent Study  ARH 6913
Theory and Criticism CST 7309
Exhibition Practices in Film, Video and New Media  FIL 4613
Experimental Video Production RTV 3229
Capstone in Communication and Civic Life  SPC 4271
Exhibition Practices in Film, Video and New Media ART 6684
Experimental Cinema FIL 6409
Special Topics: Creative Writing  CRW 4930
Principles of Research Writing  ENC 4138
Writing for Nonprofits ENC 4354
Special Topics: Composition ENC 4930
Studies in Writing and Rhetoric ENG 4020
Black Literatures  LIT 4355
Topics in Rhetoric and Composition ENC 6930
Honors Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry Lab Seminar IDS 3932
Honors Good and Evil in Film and Literature IDS 4933
Honors Internship in Interdisciplinary Studies IDS 4947
General Study Abroad IDS 4957
Peace, Justice and Human Rights Certificate PAX 3001
Intermediate French Language and Culture 2  FRE 2221
Francais de Perfectionnement: French for Bilinguals FRE 3340
Advanced French Language and Culture 1 FRE 3400
French Civilization and Literature: 19th and 20th Centuries FRW 3122
Special Topics in French Literature FRW 4930
Intermediate Italian Language and Culture 2  ITA 2221
Advanced Italian 1  ITA 3420
Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture 2  SPN 2221
Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Learners  SPN 2341
Advanced Spanish for Heritage Learners SPN 3343
Spanish Culture Study Abroad (in Translation)  SPT 3956
Biomedical Ethics PHI 4633
Special Topics PHI 4930
Introduction to Sexuality and Gender Studies  WST 2608
Feminist Perspectives on Gender WST 3315
Green Consciousness WST 4349
Women, Violence, Resistance WST 6327
Sex, Violence in Hollywood WST 6339
Women, Environment, Ecofeminism, Environmental Justice WST 6348
Feminist Theory and Praxis WST 6564
Honors Internship Women Studies WST 4947
Honors Internship in the Humanities HUM 4947
Honors Internship in Science and Mathematics ISC 4947
Honors Internship in the Social Sciences ISS 4947
Honors Internship in Sociology SYG 4947
Honors Introduction to Academic Life SLS 1501
The Fall Learning Community Experience SLS 1412
Learning Strategy and Human Development– SLS 1503
Government Internship PAD 6941
Local Government Administration PAD 6807
Organizational Change and Public Management PAD 6154
Nonprofit Internship PAD 4942
Government Internship PAD 4941
Internship-Nonprofit Organizations PAD 6943
Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector  PAD 4144
Strategic Planning in the Public Sector PAD 6333
Public Policy and Nonprofit Organizations PAD 6143
Financial Management for Nonprofit Managers PAD 6260
Governance in Nonprofit Organizations PAD 6149
Public Safety Administration Internship PAD 4940
Italian Culture Study Abroad (in Translation) ITT 3956
Advanced Architectural Design 1 ARC 5328
Tax Practice TAX 4871
Social Media and Web Technologies ISM 4054
Advanced Systems Analysis and Design ISM 4133
Information Technology and Operations Management Internship ISM 4940
Graduate Information Technology and Operations Management Internship ISM 6942
Entrepreneurial Assistance Project ENT 4934
Leadership, Supervisory Skills, and Team Development MAN 4046
Special Topics  MAN 4930
Contemporary Issues in Industry: The Executive Forum  MAN 6931
Health Practicum HSA 4817
Health Administration Internship HSA 6855
Principles of Advertising MAR 3326
Promotional Management MAR 4323
Internship in Hospitality and Tourism Management  HFT 4941
Introduction to the Teaching Profession EDF 2005
Introduction to Diversity for Educators EDF 2085
Equity Issues in Multicultural Education EDF 3203
Community Engagement for Global Consciousness  EDF 4802
Community Engagement in Early Childhood Environmental Education EEC 4404
Science: Middle & Secondary School SCE 4360
Designing and Implementing a Blended Curriculum: Birth to Age 8 EEC 3214
Exploring Natural Habitats as a Curriculum for Young Learners EEC 4237
Creative Arts for Young Children  EEC 4303
Blended Early Childhood Methods: Birth to Age 5 EEC 4313
Community Engagement in Early Childhood Environmental Education EEC 4431
TESOL Issues and Practices TSL 4081
Special Topics EDG 5931
Global Perspectives of Curricular Trends Across Nations EDG 6625
Practicum in Mental Health Counseling MHS 6800
Advanced Practicum in Counseling MHS 6801
Internship Mental Health Counseling MHS 6830
Advanced Practicum in Counselor Education MHS 7942
Internship  MHS 7945
Rehabilitation Counseling Practicum RCS 6801
Rehabilitation Counseling Internship RCS 6825
Internship-Counselor Education SDS 6820
Leadership and Social Change LDR 3216
Capstone Seminar on Leadership  LDR 4951
Sustainability Leadership for ACE Entrepreneurs and Change Agents ADE 6695
Internship/Exchange EDH 6941
The Learning Community Experience SLS 1412
Learning Strategy and Human Development SLS 1503
Health Promotion HSC 4581
Special Methods - Art ARE 4240
Art: Elementary School  ARE 4313
Student Teaching-Art ARE 4940
Yearlong Student Teaching-Art ARE 4942
Art: Elementary School 2 ARE 6317
Student Teaching-Elementary EDE 4943
Yearlong Elementary Student Teaching  EDE 4945
Yearlong Elementary (Grades 1-6) Internship EDE 6947
Effective Teaching Practices 1 EDG 3323
Effective Teaching Practices 2  EDG 3324
Environmental Education Internship EDG 4940
Internship  EDG 6940
Field Project in Educational Psychology EDP 6944
Self-Regulated Learning System EME 6209
Field Experience in Education and Technology EME 6945
Secondary School Effective Instruction ESE 3940
Methods of Teaching Foreign Language K-12  FLE 4333
Student Teaching-Foreign Language FLE 4945
Yearlong Student Teaching-Foreign Language FLE 4947
Yearlong Student Teaching-English  LAE 4942
Student Teaching-English LAE 4948
Yearlong Student Teaching-Mathematics  MAE 4944
Student Teaching-Mathematics MAE 4945
Student Teaching-Music MUE 4940
Yearlong Student Teaching-Music MUE 4941
Reading Development 1: Birth through Grade 3 RED 4308
Supervised Literacy Practicum RED 4348
Reading Diagnosis and Remediation: PreK through Grade 8 RED 4552
Science Content and Standards for K-6 Teachers SCE 4113
Principles and Methods: K-9 School Science SCE 4350
Yearlong Student Teaching-Science SCE 4941
Student Teaching-Science SCE 4944
Science: Elementary and Middle School SCE 6151
Advanced Methods of Environmental Education SCE 6344
Perspectives of Environmental Education SCE 6345
Trends and Issues in Environmental Education SCE 6644
Yearlong Student Teaching-Social Science SSE 4941
Student Teaching-Social Science SSE 4944
Construction Project Management CCE 4031
Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering Design 1 CGN4803C
Civil, Environmental, and Geomatics Engineering Design  CGN4804C
Transportation Planning and Logistics TTE4005C
RI: En gineering Design 1 EGN4950C
Civil Engineering Project Management CCE 5036
Introduction to Laser Mapping Technology CCE4514C
Engineering Technology Capstone ETG 4951
Computer Programming & Data Literacy for Everyone COP1031C
Introduction to VLSI  CDA 4210
Introduction to Embedded System Design CDA 4630
Introduction to VLSI CDA 4210
Introduction to Embedded System Design CDA 4630
Principles of Software Engineering CEN 4010
Software-Hardware Codesign CEN 4214
Mobile Applications for Android  COP 1660
Web Services COP 4814
Semantic Web Programming  COP 5859
Special Topics EGN 2935
Sustainability Leadership for Engineers EGN 4070
Engineering Design 1 EGN4950C
Engineering Design 2 EGN4952C
Nanobiotechnology  EEE 5425
Special Topics in Electrical Engineering EEL 5934
Solid and Hazardous Waste and Site Remediation ENV 4341
Environmental Science and Engineering ENV3001C
Solid Waste Management ENV 6356
Water Supply and Treatment ENV 6418
Wastewater Engineering ENV 6507
Introduction to Laser Mapping Technology CCE4514C
Automated Surveying and Mapping SUR 3141
Subdivision Design SUR 4463
Land Subdivision and Platting Lab  SUR3463L
Electro-Mechanical Devices EGM 4045
Design Project EML 4551
Introduction to Solar Energy  EML4416C
Engineering Design EML4521C
Solar Energy Engineering EML6417C
Ocean Engineering Systems Control and Design Project EOC4804L
Honors Internship in Anthropology ANT 4947
Honors Internship in Sociology  SYG 4947
Honors Internship in Women's Studies  WST 4947
Honors Internship in the Social Sciences ISS 4947
Honors Internship in the Humanities  HUM 4947
Honors Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry Seminar IDS 3932
Honors Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry Seminar IDS 4933
Honors Internship in Interdisciplinary Studies IDS 4947
Honors Interdisciplinary Study Abroad IDS 4957
Honors Internship in Science and Mathematics ISC 4947
Honors Special Topics in Art History ARH4930
Honors Introduction to Academic Life SLS1501
Care of Children: Nursing Situations in Advance Practice NGR 6301
Primary Care of Families Practicum NGR6619L
Clinical Nurse Leader Practicum Seminar: Advanced Nursing Situations NGR6773L
Nursing Education Practicum NGR6944L
Doctorate of Nursing Practice Seminar II NGR7942C
Population Health: Nursing Situations NUR4638
Nursing Practice Immersion NUR4829L
Epidemiology for Advanced Nursing Practice NGR6673
D.N.P. Project and  Residency NGR7945C
Residency in Advanced Practice Nursing NGR7945L
Primary Care of Families Practicum NGR6619L
Advanced Nursing Administration Practicum I NGR6723L
Advanced Nursing Administration Practicum II NGR6724L
Clinical Nurse Leader Practicum  NGR6773L
Advanced Nursing Education Practicum  NGR6944L
Practise Seminar II NGR7942C
Foundations of Medicine 3 BMS 6017
Special Topics BSC 4930
Critical Thinking in Environmental Science EVS 4021
Issues in Human Ecology  PCB 3352
Bioanalytical Instrumentation CHM 3949
RI: Human-Environment Interactions in South Florida GEA 4275
Human-Environmental Interactions GEA 6277
Calculus for Engineers 2 MAC 2282
Calculus with Analytic Geometry 3 MAC 2313
Intermediate Algebra  MAT 1033
Undergraduate Research PHY 4910
Advanced Photon Beam Radiation Therapy RAT 6629
Radiation Therapy: Clinical Practicum and Shadowing  RAT 6947
Health Promotion HSC4581
Human-Environmental Interactions GEA6277
Planning  Internship URP4945
Planning Internship URP 4945
Planning Project URP 6979
Planning Internship URP 6945
Planning Project URP 6979
Hazards, Climate and People EVR 4112
College of Social Work and Criminal Justice  
Criminal Justice Field Experience 1  CCJ 4940
Criminal Justice Field Experience 2 CCJ 4941
Global Perspectives of Social Services SOW 1005
Field Education in Social Work  SOW 4510
Social Work Practise with Families SOW 4304
Field Instruction and Integrative Seminar 1 SOW 6532
Field Instruction and Integrative Seminar 2 SOW 6533
Advanced Year Field Instruction and Integrative Seminar 1 SOW 6535
Advanced Year Field Instruction and Integrative Seminar 2 SOW 6536
Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations SOW4343
Advanced Theory and Social Work Practice with Elders and Families SOW6646
Social Work Practise 3 SOW 4343
Advanced Theory & SW Practise with Elders & Families SOW 6646
Social Welfare Policy & Provis SOW 3232
Foundations of Social Welfare Policy SOW 6235
Gen Soc Wrk Pract W/orgs & Com SOW 6306
Teaching Seminar & Practicum SOW 6930

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