Faculty are Essential in Engaging with our Communities  

Welcome to the Community Engagement Faculty Resource webpage.  

FAU, through its faculty, students, staff and alumni, has long "engaged" with the communities it serves providing knowledge and service to effect positive change.  The economic value of these efforts as measured in 2012, the year of the last study, totaled $6.3 billion.  

Community Engagement:

  • Enhances teaching and learning (Boyer, 1996; National Service-Learning Clearinghouse, 2006; Holland, 2001)
  • Promotes student success (Moore & Mendez, 2014; Allen, 2012; Dougherty, et.al., 2013; Kuh, 2008; Brownell & Swaner, 2010; Hearn & Deaton, 2006; Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005)
  • Enhances research and scholarship (Boyer, 1996; Barker, 2004)
  • Allows institutions to more effectively serve the public good (Gibson, 2006, Bringle & Hatcher, 2002)
  • Supports the interdisciplinary culture (Brinkley et al., 2012, Baker, 2004)
  • Strengthens legislative financial support for  public universities (Weerts, 2014)
  • Has the capacity to increase donations for higher education (Weerts, 2007)
  • Strengthens the relationships between community and universities (Barker, 2004; Blanton, 2007; Bringle & Hatcher, 2002)
  • Promotes civic responsibility (Boyte & Hollander, 1999; Bringle, Games, & Malloy, 1999; Zlotkowski, 1996)

The goal of the Community Engagement Task Force is to strengthen an existing culture that values and rewards sustained, authentic engagement by providing incentives and resources to continue to encourage faculty in their engagement activities whether it be through community-based teaching, research or service.  

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If you are working on a Community Engagement Project, please feel free to share with us here .

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