Launching at FAU Tech Runway

FAU Tech Runway serves as a core entrepreneurship hub for Florida Atlantic University and as a key resource for the regional technology eco-system. The annual Launch Competition provides the most promising ventures and talented entrepreneurs the opportunity to join the Venture Class program. Learn more about the FAU Tech Runway venture companies below.

Venture Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4


ShipMonk photo


Venture Class 1
Jan Bednar

Stress Less, Grow More!

See more information on BedaBox
EagleEye Intelligence photo

EagleEye Intelligence

Venture Class 1
Scott Adams

Protecting Property. Saving Lives.

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Ilene Berg photo

Ilene Berg

Venture Class 1
Ilene Greenberg

Style that Oooohs! Comfort that Aaaahs!

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Modulux Lighting photo

Modulux Lighting

Venture Class 1
John Richard and Bill Cummings

We turn light into money!

See more information on Modulux Lighting
Stand4 photo


Venture Class 1
Andy Hill and Ian Sauer

Empowering you to change the world without your wallet!

See more information on Stand4
Candidate.Guru photo


Venture Class 2
Steve Carter and Christopher Daniels

Matching companies and candidates

See more information on Candidate.Guru
Honorlock photo


Venture Class 2
Adam Roth and Elena Soboleva

Protecting Academic Integrity

See more information on Honorlock
Tone-y-Bands photo


Venture Class 2
Janice Haley

All Day Every Day Fitness

See more information on Tone-y-Bands
SoFla Sunwear photo

SoFla Sunwear

Venture Class 3
Thomas Gregory

Sunwear that celebrates South Florida cultures

See more information on SoFla Sunwear
TiloTag photo


Venture Class 3
Ray Briant

A digital time capsule, recording memorable locations

See more information on TiloTag
PowerCalc photo


Venture Class 3,
June Adams and James Khalil

Calculating for engineering compliance made easy

See more information on PowerCalc
The Child Rescue Coalition photo

The Child Rescue Coalition

Venture Class 3
Carly Asher Yoost, Desiree Asher and Judith Asher

Protection through justice

See more information on The Child Rescue Coalition

 Last Modified 8/8/17