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Launching at FAU Tech Runway

FAU Tech Runway serves as a core entrepreneurship hub for Florida Atlantic University and as a key resource for the regional technology eco-system. The annual Launch Competition provides the most promising ventures and talented entrepreneurs the opportunity to join the Venture Class program. Learn more about the FAU Tech Runway venture companies below.

Venture Classes 1 - 5


EagleEye Intelligence photo

EagleEye Intelligence

Venture Class 1
Scott Adams

Protecting Property. Saving Lives.

See more information on EagleEye Intelligence
Ilene Berg photo

Ilene Berg

Venture Class 1
Ilene Greenberg

Comfy high heels your feet will love.

See more information on Ilene Berg
Modulux Lighting photo

Modulux Lighting Inc.

Venture Class 1
John Richard and Bill Cummings

Advancing the LED industry.

See more information on Modulux Lighting
ShipMonk photo


Venture Class 1
Jan Bednar

Stress Less, Grow More.

See more information on BedaBox
Stand4 photo


Venture Class 1
Andy Hill and Ian Sauer

Life is short. Make your mark.

See more information on Stand4
Candidate.Guru photo


Venture Class 2
Steve Carter and Chris Daniels

Elevated Engagement. Branding. Hiring.

See more information on Candidate.Guru
Honorlock photo


Venture Class 2
Adam Roth and Elena Soboleva

Online Remote Proctoring

See more information on Honorlock
Tone-y-Bands photo


Venture Class 2
Janice Haley

All Day Every Day Fitness™

See more information on Tone-y-Bands
The Child Rescue Coalition photo

Child Rescue Coalition

Venture Class 3
Carly Asher Yoost, Desiree Asher and Judith Asher

Protecting Innocence Through Technology

See more information on The Child Rescue Coalition
PowerCalc photo


Venture Class 3,
June Adams and James Khalil

Calculating for engineering compliance made easy

See more information on PowerCalc
SoFla Sunwear photo

SoFla Sunwear

Venture Class 3
Thomas Gregory

South Florida Apparel Company

See more information on SoFla Sunwear
TiloTag photo


Venture Class 3
Ray Briant

A digital time capsule, recording memorable locations

See more information on TiloTag
Aquaco Farms photo

Aquaco Farms

Venture Class 4
Joe Cardenas

Innovating the way high quality seafood is sourced and purchased.

See more information on Aquaco Farms
Bionic Glove Project photo

Bionic Glove Project

Venture Class 4
Chad Coarsey, Manny Papir and Perry Weinthal

Nobody should be without a hand!

See more information on Bionic Glove Project
KISScientific Instruments photo

KISScientific Instruments

Venture Class 4
Eugene Smith

Keep It Simple Scientific

See more information on KISScientific Instruments
Magic Studio photo

Magic Studio Inc.

Venture Class 4
David Parshenkov

The new standard in content creation.

See more information on Magic Studio Inc.
Meti Co. photo

Meti Co.

Venture Class 4
Bianca Lucien

Student Track Venture Company

See more information on Meti Co.
Mind and Melody photo

Mind & Melody Inc.

Venture Class 4
Lauren Koff and Cristina Rodriguez

Helping Minds Find Their Melody

See more information on Mind & Melody Inc.
NeuroPharmalogics photo


Venture Class 4
Stacee Caplan, Ken Dawson-Scully and David Muth

Innovative therapies for people with rare neurological diseases.

See more information on NeuroPharmalogics Inc.
Rotation Manager photo

Rotation Manager

Venture Class 4
Max Cacchione

Health Compliance Passport

See more information on Rotation Manager


Venture Class 4
Elias Janetis and Brent Campbell

Money Made Simple

See more information on SQUEEZE
Symptify photo


Venture Class 4
Jason Mansour and Nicole Marzolla

Symptoms Simplified

See more information on Symptify
Bacon Boxes photo

Bacon Boxes

Venture Class 5
Logan Rae Israel

From Farm To Box & Connoisseur Crafted

See more information on Bacon Boxes
Gaming Frog photo

Gaming Frog

Venture Class 5
Juan Duque and Lucas Romero

Win Cash & Prizes Playing your Favorite Video Games

See more information on Gaming Frog
Hubspring Health photo

Hubspring Health LLC

Venture Class 5
Frank Gencorelli, MD and Andrew Rosendahl, MD, Ph.D.

Mobile HIPAA compliant resource mgmt and communication platform.

See more information on Hubspring Health
Idle photo


Venture Class 5
Elan Barenholtz

Autonomous Vehicles

See more information on Idle
Intercept Telehealth Solutions photo

Intercept Telehealth Solutions

Venture Class 5
Bob Clo. Sius, Edward Noguera and Diego Reino

Faculty Track Venture Company

See more information on Intercept Telehealth Solutions
Land of Zorth photo

Land of Zorth

Venture Class 5
Sharon Assis and Jairo Assis

Educational Gaming Platform

See more information on Land of Zorth
MMP Biopharma Inc. photo

MMP Biopharma Inc.

Venture Class 5
Ania Knapinska

Biotech company developing therapeutics.

See more information on MMP Biopharma Inc.
PAPER photo


Venture Class 5
Kris Stewart

Protection Against Physical Element Removal

See more information on PAPER
PQSecure Technologies photo

PQSecure Technologies

Venture Class 5
Reza Azarderakhsh

Post-Quantum Cryptography

See more information on PQSecure Technologies
RENAL Trkkr photo


Venture Class 5
Mercy Nzeakor

Record, Track & Share Your Renal Health

See more information on RENAL Trkkr
RidgeBack Network Defense photo

Ridgeback Network Defense Inc.

Venture Class 5
Scott Fogerty and Raj Kulkarni

Interactive deception based cyber security.

See more information on RidgeBack Network Defense
Scalewize photo


Venture Class 5
Mtch Kitay and Tom Mays

Simple. Scalable. Flexible. Resilient.

See more information on Scalewize
SlideMap photo


Venture Class 5
Devin Willis and Scooter Willis

Cancer Detection Device

See more information on SlideMap
Tap2Open photo


Venture Class 5
Mark Grosberg, Steve Tamayo and Charles Wheelus

Smartphone Access for Gated Communities & Secured Doors

See more information on Tap2Open
Twinspire Productions photo

Twinspire Productions

Venture Class 5
David Casto and Jackson Casto

Student Track Venture Company

See more information on Twinspire Productions
Two Degrees photo

Two Degrees

Venture Class 5
Steven Fleisher

The social media app that'll make us all social again.

See more information on Two Degrees
VideoPura photo


Venture Class 5
Hari Kalva

Perceptual encoding for lighter videos at the highest quality.

See more information on VideoPura
VoxelRx photo


Venture Class 5
Bryan Conklin and William Hahn

Deep Learning Medical Imaging

See more information on VoxelRx
WAHspace photo


Venture Class 5
Michele Stiffen

The world's largest work at home community!

See more information on WAHspace

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