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FAU Wave

We are the FAU Wave. We are ideation. We are creation. We are invention, and we are action.
We are revolutionizing the solutions for today’s energy, health, environmental, community and social challenges.


The FAU Wave Competition is...

An undergraduate research and entrepreneurial competition challenging students to
submit and develop innovative ideas targeting societal problems.

In this competition, we provide $500 to 20 - 30 undergraduate students and/or groups to develop their innovative proposals over the Fall and Spring semesters.
Out of the chosen projects, three will win a monetary award at an end of year ceremony and poster session.

  • $1500

    First Place

  • $1000

    Second Place

  • $500

    Third place

Other eligible teams will be encouraged and aided in publishing papers, applying for patents, starting businesses, or pursuing other undergraduate research opportunities/funding. Teams are chosen in the Fall semester based on (a) innovation and creativity, (b) significance of niche/problem addressed, and (c) the practical ability to develop the project.

Bring Your Ideas. Change the World.

 Last Modified 12/5/17