Guiding Principles for Successful Selection

The Technology Fee Oversight Committee will use the following principles and guidelines when evaluating the proposals:

  • NEW Multi-year awards will only be granted to proposals that require multiple years to implement. Requests to purchase or replace computer equipment will only be rewarded for one year
  • NEW Office supplies and non-Information Technology related equipment will not be funded by the Technology Fee
  • Funds generated by a technology fee should augment, not replace, existing funding or provide funding where none currently exists.
  • Hardware and software included in the proposal must meet standards established by OIT. OIT will review each proposal prior to selection to ensure compliance with standards and to review the included budget proposal.
  • Proposals should not exceed 3 years in length. If the project needs to be sustained after 3 years, a new proposal must be submitted during the third year for consideration by the committee.

Examples of Initiatives Potentially Funded from the Technology Fee

  • Innovative concepts for teaching and learning.
  • Provide hardware to support a specific instructional technology project.
  • Upgrade computer lab – College- and department-managed facilities.
  • Upgrade electronic classroom – College managed facilities.
  • Purchase and support non-academic software to enhance student life (health services, university center programs, etc.)
  • Complete the wireless environment on all campuses to complete the “bubble” coverage concept (wireless everywhere within campus perimeter).
  • Increase high performance computing capabilities.
  • Increase the number of instructional technology/development staff to support faculty as they move more deeply into the technology involved with distance learning.
  • Develop a technology learning area for faculty in conjunction with the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Examples of Initiatives that Would Not Be Funded

  • Faculty and staff desktop replacements.
  • Computer labs managed and supported by OIT.
  • Electronic classrooms managed by OIT.
  • Campus network improvements.
  • Banner-related support.
  • Recurring Salaries, OPS Salaries, GA Salaries
 Last Modified 11/8/16