A Letter from the Dean


Friday, Mar 27, 2020
Arts and Letters Students,

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy during this time. As you work towards completing your spring classes remotely, we want you to feel confident that you have the resources and support to overcome any challenges you may face. Every week we will be sending out a student newsletter with college updates as well as tips to ensure your success in your classes. We will also be sharing updates and tips on our social media accounts, @fauartsletters. For any FAU updates on COVID-19 please visit the University  website . Above all, please take care of yourself and those around you. Things are going to be less than perfect this semester, and that is ok. You will get through these challenges and we all will be stronger at the end of this unprecedented crisis. Do not be shy about asking for help from your professors, advisors, and all of the staff here in the College of Arts and Letters.

Your FAU family is here for you!

Michael J. Horswell, PhD
Dean, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

1. Designate a classroom/study space in your home
Pick a space in your home that is a dedicated learning environment for you. Having a space that is specifically for your classes and studying will help you to stay focused and ignore distractions that may arise when learning from home.
2. Create a routine
While online learning may provide more flexibility for you, it is important to still have a routine. Try time blocking as a new way to create a daily schedule for yourself. Allot a certain number of hours in the day for each activity you would like to accomplish. When that block of time ends you can move on to the next task.
3. Put your phone away
Our phones are a great tool to stay connected during this time, but they can also be very distracting. Try turning your phone on airplane mode while you study so any notifications that aren't urgent do not divert your attention.

4. Actively engage and participate
Treat your online classes as you would your in-person classes. Engage with your professors and classmates even when you are not connecting face-to-face. Remember that your professors are adapting just as you are, but are always a resource to help you succeed. 

5. Check your email 
While this may seem like a given, every day your professors may have urgent updates for you. Make sure that you have your canvas notifications turned on and are looking for emails from your professors and the University.