Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is my member ID number and password?

When creating an account on our system for the first time, only your Member ID is sent to the email that you used for registration. If you are unable to locate this information in your email, you can contact us by phone at 561-799-8547 or 561-799-8667 and we will provide you with your member ID. In the case of a missing/forgotten password, we can offer to reset your password for you.


2. Am I current in my membership? How long does the membership last?

You can check your membership status online by logging on to the OLLI at Jupiter registration site. Under the Profile tab, you will find both your membership status and membership expiration date. You can also call us to verify your membership status.

Your OLLI at Jupiter membership status lasts for one school year (June 30th of current year - June 30th of next year).


3. Could I check the charges applied to my account?

Yes. After logging on to our registration site, click on the My Classes tab. Under this tab, select the year for which you'd like to view charges and check the box labeled Show Transactions. If you successfully renewed your membership, signed up for classes or purchased a parking permit, you will be able to see all the associated charges on screen.


4. Where was my catalog sent?

You can contact us via phone to verify the address used for sending our catalogs. In addition, you can change your current mailing address between your local Florida address and out-of-state address. This can be accomplished by editing your Profile tab once logged in to our registration system.


5. There are always empty seats in Professor Morton's class in the auditorium. Why can't we sit there instead of the annex?

When a class is sold out, it means that all the seats are sold. We cannot allow additional people in the auditorium should all of the registered members attend. In addition, there are existing code restrictions from the fire department that we must adhere to regarding room capacity.


6. I'm having problems registering online. Can you walk me through the registration process?

We created a set of instructional videos related to online account activation and registration which can be found in the link below:

When possible, we may be able to walk you through the registration process on the phone if you are still experiencing problems.


7. I have not received my guest tickets. What should I do?

If you have not received your guest tickets in the mail, you may have signed up for our Go Paperless! option, which notifies us that you do not want receipts or tickets mailed to you. All receipts and guest tickets are still accessible through our registration system, under the My Classes tab. Please see our tutorials page (link) for more information on access. If you did not sign up for the paperless option, notify us so that we may verify whether your items have been mailed and to the correct address. If verified, we request that you allow some time for the mail to be delivered. If your guest tickets do not arrive after a considerable amount of time, we will re-issue guest tickets. Alternatively, you can print out your guest tickets by accessing your receipts in our registration system. Please see question no. 3 on this page for more details.


8. My spouse and I signed up for classes at the same time, but only my spouse received an email confirmation of registration. Why does this happen?

In most cases, this is an issue of having an incorrect email listed in our system. Please log on to your account on our registration system and verify that you have the correct email address listed. If you are unable to access our registration site, you can call us to confirm the details of your account and update your stored information.


9. Is my membership at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at FAU, Jupiter reciprocated with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at FAU, Boca? Why are there different member numbers assigned and why can't we register online as Boca members?

Although your membership is reciprocated, our registration systems are independent of one another thus explaining the different member ID numbers. This does not permit OLLI at Boca students to register for OLLI at Jupiter classes online.

NOTE: Current OLLI at Boca members may register for OLLI at Jupiter classes via fax, mail or in person to receive the member rate. OLLI at Boca members registering online will be charged the non-refundable $60.00 membership fee.


10. Where is your office located?

Our office is located on Florida Atlantic University's John D. MacArthur campus in Jupiter, FL. Our mailing address is:

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Florida Atlantic University
5353 Parkside Dr., PA-134
Jupiter, FL 33458

Click here for directions to the Elinor Bernon Rosenthal Lifelong Learning complex.


12. Where can I find information on the classes I've registered for?

You can view information on your registered classes by logging on to our registration system and then clicking on the My Classes link. Once the page is loaded, you will be able to see a list of classes registered for the semester, including links to the instructor's bio and class description.


13. How can I update my mailing address and/or email address?

You can update all of your personal information on file by logging on to our registration system. This information is located under the Profile tab.

 Last Modified 9/29/21