Community Engaged Research


Dr. Wyneken’s research on sea turtles exemplifies authentic reciprocal engagement with the community. Her research initiatives contribute to the creation of new knowledge through collaborative partnerships with three major marine research centers in South Florida as well as centers in other states and countries, experiential learning/research opportunities for her students, and resulted in over 11 coauthored articles, chapters, and publications on marine turtle health, conservation and morphology. According to Dr. KirtRusenko, Marine Conservationist at Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex, Dr. Wyneken’s work has expanded public awareness and attention to the importance of marine life and resulted in a significant increase in attendance at the Complex to approximately 200,000 visitors and over 15,000 K-12 students annually. Many of these visitors return home and sign up to receive updated tracking on the sea turtles at the Complex. As Dr. Wyneken states, “Simply put, it is through our partnerships with the community that we are able to do the science that we do AND add welcomed new perspectives and innovative research ideas that enhance value to the science….” Dr. Wyneken truly demonstrates that collaborative spirit.







 Last Modified 8/28/19