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This page only covers the syllabus management tool, Simple Syllabus. For the rest of our Additional Tools, click here.

Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that enables instructors to quickly personalize and publish interactive class syllabi. It automatically imports your course information and university/department-wide policies so that you can focus on making changes only to the parts that need editing. Furthermore, it removes the need to download/upload your syllabus when you need to make changes or send it to your colleagues.

FAQs & Guides


  • Where can I access Simple Syllabus? (three places)
    • Direct Link: (this takes you to your Simple Syllabus Dashboard, where you'll find both pending and published syllabi for your account).
    • Canvas Global Nav Menu: In the Canvas global navigation menu on the far-left (the menu with buttons for Account, Calendar, Inbox, etc.), click the Simple Syllabus button ( Simple Syllabus Canvas nav menu icon ) to go to your Simple Syllabus Dashboard.
    • Canvas Course Nav Menu: You can access/edit/submit the syllabus for a specific course by clicking the Simple Syllabus link in a course's navigation menu (same menu as Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, etc.). By default, new courses include this link, but if your course does not, follow the steps in this document to add it: How to Enable Simple Syllabus in Your Course
      • Once it's added to your Canvas course, click the link to navigate to the syllabus for that specific course.
      • ***Cross-Listed course instructors, please note*** : Instructors who click the Simple Syllabus link within cross-listed courses currently see an error, but students do not. If your Canvas course contains more than one course section (e.g., ENC 1101 001 & 002), you must access/edu/publish your syllabi via the previously mentioned dashboard links. Students who click the Simple Syllabus link in a course will see the syllabus that corresponds to their enrolled section.
  • What features do we have access to?
    • For any official course at FAU, Simple Syllabus will be available to optimize your syllabus editing and publishing experience. It will automatically import course info, university/department policies, and information from a previous semester when you taught this class. 
  • Where can I get help/learn more?



More coming soon!


 Last Modified 1/10/24