Athene Noctua
Little Owl

Athene Noctua: Undergraduate Philosophy Journal does not accept unsolicited submissions. The selection process for publication is as follows:  At the end of the Fall semester, the professor teaching “Senior Seminar in Philosophy” selects among the best research papers for that semester. The professor works with the student authors to revise the selected papers.  Then the professor submits the revised papers to the journal editor.

After reviewing the submitted papers, the editorial board makes the final decision regarding which papers will be published in the journal that year. Generally, three to five papers will be selected for publication.  Students whose papers have been selected will be informed if any further revisions are required prior to publication.

Note that, although the editor-in-chief formats the selected papers prior to publication, submitted papers must be written in a professional style, must be properly edited for spelling and grammar, and must follow proper reference and citation conventions.  All citations should be written as endnotes and should follow the Chicago Manual of Style format. Any submitted papers that do not conform to these basic guidelines will automatically be rejected.

 Last Modified 11/8/16