Athene Noctua

Athene Noctua Athene Noctua:
Undergraduate Philosophy Journal
Issue No. 5 (Spring 2018)


Timothy Deaver
"The Political Philosophy of the Enlightenment: Collapse and Transformation"

Austin Mann
"The Secular Foundations of Morality of the Radical Enlightenment"

Alexa Menashe
"The Theoretical Framework of the Enlightenment and Its Application to the Problem of the 'Other'"

James Read
"Rousseau, Robespierre, and the French Revolution"

Christopher Shepler
"The Open Work of Liberalism: The Signification of the Individual in the Radical Enlightenment and the French Revolution"

Mykyta Storozhenko
"Materialism, Instrumental Reason, and Hostile Enlightenment: The Marquis de Sade as the Antithesis of the Enlightenment"





Marina P. Banchetti, Florida Atlantic University

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Michael Monahan, Marquette University

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