Canvas Flight Plan

Step 1: Get Started with Canvas

Step 2: Build your Canvas Course

Step 3: Attend Canvas Tech Talks to Learn More

Step 1: Get Started With Canvas

Many different training sessions are available. To view and register for the Canvas workshops, please visit our calendar at 

Recommended Training Path

  1. Canvas Primer 1
    • The Canvas Primer session covers the essentials to get you started in Canvas. In Canvas Primer 1, you will learn how to set up your profile and adjust your notification settings, navigate the learning management system, locate your courses, use the Calendar, use the Inbox, add course files, add your Syllabus, create Modules and Pages, add Assignment placeholders, and get help.
  2. Enroll in the Canvas Self-Paced Training
    • The Canvas Self-Paced Training course is an online course that allows you to learn about all that Canvas has to offer at your pace through many different videos and tutorials.
  3. Canvas Primer 2
    • The Canvas Primer 2 session focuses on taking your Canvas course to the next level. You will learn how to create Assignments, create Discussion Boards, set up rubrics, and use Speedgrader.

Other Opportunities

  1. Schedule a personalized one-on-one appointment
    • One-on-one appointments allow you to customize your training to fit your learning style, pace, and individual needs, Appointments can focus on topics in regards to Canvas or be a working session to prepare your course. 
  2. Request a group training for your department 
    • Group training's allow for a larger training session with specific material related to your department.

Step 2: Build Your Canvas Course

Use our Course Set-Up Checklist to navigate your way through building your course. For a printable version, click here .


Import Content         


Instructors are able to import their current courses in Blackboard into their new courses in canvas.
View the Canvas Guide.


Course Clean-Up


If content was copied from Blackboard, it is recommended that unnecessary files are
deleted and reorganized to allow easy navigation of content.  View the Canvas Guide.


Select Navigation Links


Instructors may choose which links appear to students in the Course Navigation. All links are enabled by default. View the Canvas Guide.


Add Syllabus


Attach the course syllabus to the Syllabus page. The Assignment Summary is automatically created based on the assignments and events in the course. View the Canvas Guide.


Add Modules


Modules allow a course to be organized by weeks, units, or other topics.
View the Canvas Guide.


Add Assignments


Instructors can either create the entire assignment (details and due dates) or create an assignment shell as a placeholder. View the Canvas Guide.


Add Quizzes


The Quizzes tool can be used for online quizzes and surveys, both graded and ungraded. View the Canvas Guide.


Add Additional Files


Files can be uploaded by dragging and dropping them into the course, up to 500 MB. View the Canvas Guide.


Choose a Home Page


The homepage can be set as the Assignment List, the Syllabus, Course Modules, the Pages Front Page, or the Course Activity Stream. View the Canvas Guide.


Add Calendar Events


A calendar event is a non-graded activity such as a guest speaker or spring break. View the Canvas Guide.


Add TAs to the Course


Instructors may add their TAs to their courses. The TAs will be able to edit the course as well as grade assignments. View the Canvas Guide.


Publish the Course


Once a course is ready for the students, it must be published in order to be visible to students. View the  Canvas Guide.

Step 3: Attend Canvas Tech-Talks

Tech-Talks are short 45-minute sessions, with additional 15-minutes of Q&A. Tech-Talks focus on specific Canvas tools, such as the Grade Book, Discussion Boards, Assignments, and Quizzes. 

Our first Tech-Talk, about quizzes, is here! 

What to Expect in the Quiz Tech-Talk:

  • How to create Quizzes
    • Quizzes can be used to conduct and moderate exams and assessments, both graded and ungraded. 
    • For more information view the Canvas Guide. 
    How to create Quiz Banks
    • Question Banks are a place to house questions that can be added to quizzes across courses or accounts.
    • For more information view the Canvas Guide.
  • How to add questions
    • You can add and create various types of quiz questions.
    • For more information view the Canvas Guide
  • How to configure Quiz Details
    • Quizzes have a variety of options to choose from.
    • For more information view the Canvas Guide
  • How to Moderate a Quiz
    • On the Moderate Quiz page you can view the progress of student submissions and view the number of quiz attempts each has taken.
    • For more information view the Canvas Guide

To view and register for upcoming Tech-Talks, go to and click register!


 Last Modified 8/27/18