Essential Documents

Personally Identifiable Information (PII): Documents & Forms that may be required:

Note: This list is specific to our department at FAU and does not include the documents that may be requested by the VA or any other departments at FAU….You may be requested to provide sensitive documents containing PII, you will be given the opportunity to upload documents during the various steps in the process. Please feel free to redact your SSN down to the last 4, for documents submitted to MVSSC only.

  1. Proof of Military Status
    1. Veteran, Reserve, and NG: Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214 Member 4) or Statement of Service (Found on eBenefits) – Must include “Character of Service”
    2. Dependents: Dependent ID, Proof of VA Benefits
    3. Active Duty: Orders, most recent Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  2. Proof of Award or Entitlement (VA Education Benefits
    1. Certificate of Eligibility – Veteran and Dependent beneficiaries of Chapters 30, 1606, 35, or 33 – Must be dated within 1 month of submission 
    2. Authorization and Certification of Entrance or Reentrance into Rehabilitation and Certification of Status (VA Form 28-1905) –Chapter 31 (VR & E) 
    3. Award Order (States your remaining benefits, not a certificate)
    4. Notice of Basic Eligibility (DD2384) – Members of the Reserve and National Guard using Chapter 1606
    5. DD Form 214 Member 4 – Veterans claiming benefits based off award (i.e. Purple Heart or Superior) (turn-in to the financial aid/ controller’s office)
    6. Educational Dollars for Duty (EDD) - National Guard Tuition Assistance
      1. Florida EDD (
  1. Proof of Current Florida Address (Fl- Residency)
    1. Required to be submitted for any/all Fee Waiver requests (Non-Resident and Purple Heart/Superior). Please understand that many of the veteran’s benefits offered by the State of Florida require that you provide verifiable proof of a current Florida address at the time of the request. 
    2. Acceptable documents must be valid (accurate and not expired), and include the beneficiaries full name, matching the request form as well as their current address. 
      1. Acceptable Documents: Florida Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration, Lease --- Students living in the Dorms may submit official room assignments, available from the FAU Housing.

Note:You do not need to be a Florida Resident to obtain a Florida ID Card. We strongly recommend students obtain a Florida ID if they are able to.

  1. Joint Service Transcript (JST)

All students with military service must submit their service transcripts to FAU’s Office of Admissions: 

  1. Register or login JST website
  2. Request Official Joint Services Transcript: USA, USN, USMC, &USCG (all components)
  3. Air University: USAF (all components):

Note: A notification that the military transcript site is unsecured may appear when clicking on the link above. However, if you are accessing this site though a device and network you trust, it should be safe to proceed to the site.

 Last Modified 6/14/21