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UMI Program Update

The Urban Male Initiative program is focused on enhancing the well-being of First-Generation, minority male students, through a comprehensive development program focused on Academic Success, Career Readiness, Cultural Competency, Financial Literacy, and Personal Enrichment. The overall goal of the Urban Male Initiative program is to create a community of urban male students who are academically driven, self and socially aware, and motivated to make a difference within themselves, as well as their campus and global communities.

Program Benefits

Students who successfully complete the program success points will receive a $300.00 book stipend ($150.00 Fall and Spring allocation), which can be used to purchase books or other academic materials pertinent to their success. In addition, students will also be eligible to apply for Emergency GAP funding, allocated to program participants on a case-by-case basis, to help alleviate financial barriers that may be impeding their persistence towards graduation.

Program Eligibility

  1. A First-Generation College Student (neither parent nor guardian has completed a bachelor’s degree within the United States)
  2. A first-time in college freshman
  3. Identify as either an African American or Latino male
  4. Complete the UMI program success points every semester to maintain eligibility*

*Note: Students who do not complete the program success points will have a financial hold placed on their account and may be held liable for the repayment of the stipend.

Cultural Competency Financial Literacy Career Readiness Office Check-ins UMI Program Core
Attend (1) cultural competency and (1) First Generation event within the year:
  • Celebrating Hispanic/ Latinx Heritage Address
  • Coming out Monologues
  • Frist-Gen Welcome Reception
  • Tunnel Vision or Visit any events that are sent out via the weekly calendar
  • Attend 1 “Owl Making Cents” Financial Wellness Workshop
  • Meet with your financial Aid Advisor
  • Career Consultation (Fall): Create a Career Action Plan
  • Career Readiness (Spring): Create a Resume and complete a Mock Interview
Two formal check-in per semester
  • 1st Check-in: Complete an Academic Goal
  • 2nd Check-in: Complete an academic Progress Report*
*Students who are within a 2.0-2,4 GPA range will be paired with a
Peer Academic Coach (PAC)

Attend two UMI events per semester:

  • Kickoff*
  • Social
  • RAP Session
  • UMI Institute*
  • UMI Retreat*
* Required for all program participants