Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans is a Freshman majoring in Biological Sciences with a sub major in Neuroscience. He chose Florida Atlantic University because of its proximity to the beach. However, after his first encounter with the university, he absolutely fell in love with the various programs and organizations that FAU has to offer. He enjoys programs which encourage student success, such as the UMI program.

Evans is currently involved in the Urban Male Initiative (UMI) and the Pre-Health Learning Community program (LC) on campus. He aspires to be part of the Freshman Class Council (FCC), the Asian Student Union (ASU), and the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI).

Evans dreams of going to medical school. Once he has become an M.D., Evans would like to open his own private practice to improve his community.

In his opinion, one of the most difficult things about going to college is adjusting from the comforts of home to the independence of college life. Evans goes on to explain, "The UMI program has helped me achieve success in transitioning to college life through their program resources and support."


College: Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Major: Biological Sciences with a sub major in Neuroscience

Class: Freshman

Hometown: Ocala, Florida

Clubs and Organizations: Urban Male Initiative and Pre-Health Learning Community program


What would you like to accomplish in the next five years: Obtaining my undergraduate medical degrees, attending medical school, and improving humanitarian infrastructure in my community.

Words to live by: “Life is what you make it," "Everything is Possible," and "Obstacles are opportunities for advancement."

Advice for fellow students: My advice for any incoming student is to remember that college is supposed to be the best time of your life. So get involved with your school organizations, have fun doing it, stay focused, and relish in your surroundings.