al campbell jr

Al chose FAU because in 2013, he helped his sister move into her freshman dorm. After moving her in they explored the housing lawn, there was a BBQ happening at the pit. He remembers the smiling faces and how much fun people were having eating food and socializing. After this experience it was at that moment he decided this was the school for him. This atmosphere stayed with him from his sophomore year in high school to the point of applying to FAU.

Campbell recollects his college experience with what considers some of the most difficult things about college.”Everyone you meet has their own stories, their own trials and tribulations they had to overcome to be at the University. To overcome this challenge it took me 3 steps.

  • First: Listen more than you speak. The most serious things are said in a joking manner.
  • Second: Don't get "Click'ed, Squad'ed or Group'ed" too fast. Everyone seems cool the first time you meet then, but time has a way of showing you if people are really down for you.
  • Third: Time. You cant rush the master plan that was set for you at birth. Time has a way of reveling things

After graduation Al plans to move home and find a job to start paying off his college debt. He plans to then travel the world free of that burden.


College: College of Business

Major: Management Information Systems

Class: Junior

Hometown: Micanopy, Florida

Clubs and Organizations: Urban Male Initiative, Housing and Residential Education: Resistant Assistant for Algonquin Hall, Caribbean Student Association


What would you like to accomplish in the next five years:
I am really enjoying my college experience and probably will stay in graduate school here at FAU. If life chooses a separate path for me I will follow my destiny.

Words to live by:
When someone shows you who they are, believe them the FIRST time" - Maya Angelou

"The Glo up is a process, it doesn't happen over night" - Al Campbell Jr

Advice for fellow students:
Do not follow everything that the upperclassman do. Everyone wants to do as others do to fit in and be accepted, but Follow your heart not your eyes.