Programs & Events

Rap Sessions 

These peer-lead sessions are held on a bi-weekly basis in an informal setting allowing program participants to reflect and share their experiences on topics ranging from relationships, career building, manhood, and other topic that they are facing throughout their college experience. As these men share in their experiences, they foster a sense of community among each which they can use as a resource as they navigate their collegiate experience.


Study Hall 

In collaboration with the FAU Libraries, every Thursday a room is set aside for the men to study in the library. Program participants are required to complete 25 study hall hours within the semester, in order to help in the improvement of their academic performance and study habits.


Semester Retreats

Each semester program participants are taken off campus to focus in on their own self-development as men. Topics such as goal-setting, leadership, and cultural identity are all discussed so that they walk away with a strong sense of self, purpose, and community. The retreats also create a time of bonding among the participants which aids in the fostering of community and unity. 


UMI Scholars (Juniors & Seniors)  

The UMI scholars program is a career development and graduate preparatory program focused on preparing program participants to face a challenging and ever changing post-graduate workforce. The UMI scholars program is an intensive academic year commitment aimed at developing and polishing the skills necessary for resume writing, interviewing, etiquette, and graduation preparation; while focusing on the core values of critical thinking, leadership, and interpersonal skills