Research and inquiry skills are central to all fields of study and essential for life-long independent learning. Students who take this theme will be well-prepared to think critically about the world around them. By learning the fundamental skills and knowledge of inquiry and research, students completing this cluster will be able to examine, evaluate and discuss complex problems related to society, human behavior and the sciences of the natural world. This thematic cluster is unique in that participation includes engaging co-curricular activities, such as presenting at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, or completing research workshops.

 Research & Inquiry Courses

Requirements: Completion of any of the following options.

  • Successfully complete three research-enriched IFP courses from the list below
  • Successfully complete two research-enriched IFP courses AND present a course-based project at the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Successfully complete two research-enriched IFP courses AND complete a minimum of seven OURI Undergraduate Research Student workshops through Canvas, including the completion of a quiz at the end of each workshop module. The option requires completion of the Ethics workshop.

Courses that are taken pass/fail can count towards the requirements, but courses with standard grading require a grade of “C” or higher to count.

Research & Inquiry Cluster

 Last Modified 10/28/20